Improve your logistics business with Toshiba hardware and software solutions

A staggering amount of information flows through the transport and logistics sector every day, such as shipping documents, delivery notes, and invoices. Full traceability of product movement is vital in the running of a logistics operation, and in creating a seamless experience for your workforce and customers.

To help your business, Toshiba has developed a portfolio of solutions to:

  • Empower you to deliver a streamlined and secure logistics operation
  • Minimise costly delays
  • Digitise your operation

You keep the world running, we help keep your business running.

Warehouse label printers

Choosing the right barcode or label printer for your logistics business or department should not be underestimated when aiming for positive change.

We can help improve the efficiency of your logistics operation by recommending the right product for your application, from heavy-duty industrial barcoding products, through to portable and desktop solutions. 

Solutions to support warehouse labelling

Warehouse labelling systems create order and are therefore vital in minimising mislabelled items and disappointed customers. Toshiba’s range of printers selected for the logistics sector can produce the labels you need to support your system - from the simple to the complex - such as dispatch labels, through to warehouse pallet labels and RFID tags.

Barcode solutions for Transport & Logistics

Streamline logistics processes with an electronic Document Management System (DMS)

The amount of information logistics organisations have to manage is constantly increasing; document automation in supply chain and logistics organisations provide what’s needed to save time. An electronic DMS from Toshiba will:

  • Automatically capture information for indexing, naming and filing purposes
  • Automate workflows to streamline document validation circuits and optimise your business’s processes

Improve communications across your workforce

In logistics, the pace of information change is rapid - it’s very likely that you have a need to share information quickly amongst your workforce. Visual communication technology communicates key information in the format of attractive and interactive displays. At a glance, a display enables a team to:

  • Check inventory, time constraints and stock location in the warehouse
  • Obtain any loading guidelines needed
  • Track orders and the delivery status of shipments
  • Receive company notices and very important health and safety notices

In summary, an interactive display will provide your workforce with essential information in a ‘hard to miss’ format.

Contact a workflow consultant

Get in touch with Toshiba and start making improvements across your logistics operation. We understand our customers’ unique demand within the transport and logistics marketplace, and will provide a consultation geared towards improving operational performance and reducing costs.