Improve productivity and streamline processes in manufacturing

Digital transformation in manufacturing

Manufacturing is the heart of many businesses and is responsible for the creation of millions of products every year. As a result, requirements across the sector are diverse, and tailor-made solutions are required to capture and manage data. Furthermore, organisations should be well-equipped to harness technology to adapt to future product demands and reduce the cost of ownership.

With the objective of digital transformation across the manufacturing sector, Toshiba has developed a portfolio of customisable solutions. Tailor-made for individual applications, the software and hardware provide the following benefits:

  • Enhanced operational effectiveness
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved environmental efficiency
  • A reduction in slow and labour-intensive processes
  • Automated information management processes
  • The prevention of cybersecurity attacks

Toshiba’s solutions consist of:

How to improve productivity in manufacturing

Improving productivity is a key focus in digital transformation. In turn, many manufacturers across the UK have installed a Document Management Solution (DMS) and report a number of benefits, such as increased visibility of delivery management and improved compliance processes. In summary, a DMS eliminates the need for paper and ensures full traceability of documents - employees are given more time to focus on higher-value tasks.

Digitising your supply chain
Toshiba’s Document Workflow software partner, DocuWare, offers smart, digitalised document processing. This helps to improve overall efficiency, eliminating the need to maintain paper-based document workflows in manufacturing, as well as providing clear audit trails and improved traceability for better tracking and management.

Manufacturing disaster recovery plan

It’s likely that your manufacturing organisation has a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place. Robust planning and processes drastically reduce the impact of a disaster and aim to protect vital assets.

Toshiba’s Managed IT Services will embed what’s needed to execute your plan and continue operating in the case of an emergency:

  • Guide your organisation against cyber threats
  • Secure against malicious loss of data
  • Automate backups to protect data and create backups ‘on-demand’
  • Secure and protect Office 365 environments
  • Archive documents in line with product liability laws and guidelines
  • Identify and manage issues as they arise

Prevent risk
Businesses across the country are secure as a result of Toshiba’s cybersecurity, Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and Backup, Disaster and Recovery (BDR) solutions.

Industrial thermal label printers

Keep your manufacturing business productive and efficient with industrial thermal barcode printers. Printers range from entry level to high performance and are designed for scalability and flexibility. In addition, long-lasting printing heads are low maintenance and offer a low cost operation.Toshiba provides label printers with your ever-changing workforce in mind.

Barcode solutions for Manufacturing

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