IT Technologies and Print Solutions for Education

Education supported by IT technologies is an essential element in ensuring students become digitally literate and competitive in their future careers in modern workplaces. With blended learning the ‘new normal’ and with teachers embracing technology at a record rate the digital learning landscape is set to see exciting new trends.

However, typical education infrastructure is under financial pressures to reduce waste and ensure budgets stretch to cater to the demands of students and teachers. Toshiba solutions help achieve these objectives while responding to the changing way that staff and students are using technology in education, from using mobile devices to changing print requirements.

Printing, copying and managing documents have become major issues, driven by constantly changing curriculum demands, differentiation of materials to meet student needs and creation of extensive student records, to name but a few! All of which have a huge impact on staff time, communication systems and structures, financial and physical resources. Add into this the digital shift following the pandemic creating at home and blended learning, means technology and print solutions need to be adaptable to change, efficient and cost-effective.

Recognising every education setting is different, and approaching each project with no preconceptions. We look at your costs associated with IT, from desktop devices through to reprographic environments, identifying pain points and how productivity can be improved.

Additionally, with an expert understanding of educational environments, we will work with you to address your challenges and introduce positive change.

To find out more about our solutions for Education, speak to a Toshiba expert today.

How Can Toshiba Help Your School, College or University?

  • We can audit and review your current working practices to propose technology and changes in behaviour to improve efficiency within an education environment.
  • We’ll recommend flexible options to be tailored to different working situations for example blended and home working.
  • Provide peace of mind with fast, accurate, reliable and easy to use technology, which minimises downtime.
  • Propose solutions that deliver a low total cost of ownership, reducing costs and wastage.
  • Our technology is future-proofed and can be adapted to growth and changing objectives.
  • We understand your environmental responsibilities, therefore we’ll supply eco-friendly solutions.
  • In addition to the hardware, we supply a wide range of consumables to suit the appropriate installations.


Our Education Services

Managed Print Services

Document management and printing are essential elements of teaching and learning environments. Staff are time-poor, resources have a new found complexity and GDPR has brought about an increased need for identity management and security.

Many educational facilities are still failing to adopt smart technologies to optimise these processes and reduce operational costs.

With Toshiba Managed Print Services you’ll receive a set of solutions designed to manage your education settings entire print setup, including MFPs & Printers and print management software.

We will take a deep dive into the requirements of your school, college or university to understand the processes and requirements in order to provide a solution which drives measurable improvement.

Key Benefits of Managed Print Services for Schools
Increased efficiency, reduced printing costs and streamlined document management.

  • We’ll undertake an audit of your current working practices to identify data workflow and operational bottlenecks.
  • We’ll analyse the impact of the current print infrastructure and identify where genuine improvements can be made for a positive change. To print smarter, safer and greener; whilst minimising and reducing costs.
  • With a Managed Print Service, the relationship doesn’t end at installation, we’ll continually analyse, monitor and recommend improvements.
  • You’ll never have to worry about print supply stocks, our Print Management Service includes pro-active toner management for automatic replenishments – this reduces logistic efforts, cuts toner wastage, eliminates the need to hold toner in stock and improves cash flow as toner is only ever purchased when required.
  • All devices are connected to one monitoring system to ensure not only just-in-time delivery of replacement toners but also timely repairs.
  • With a tailored approach we’ll alter our offering to suit your educational establishment.
  • Our multifunction devices allow you to print, scan and copy documents in A3 and A4 with a professional, high-quality output.
  • With our devices you’ll be able to control print costs with rule-based access, for example preventing single-sided prints or use of colour.
  • Teachers and students are able to print jobs directly from their own devices, helping to streamline work processes.
  • To protect data, our multifunction devices offer secure printing with a pin or ID card.

Process Optimisation

We can recommend working practices and automation to streamline processes in an educational back-office environment, helping you move into digital, rather than physical forms of documentation. Take a look at our Process Optimisation solutions here.

Key Benefits of Process Optimisation for Education
Streamline work practices with automation to help improve efficiency

  • Reduced risk and costs from misfiling or losing documents.
  • Securing systems and data and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Improving productivity by reducing manual data entry and automating common processes.
  • Increased accuracy, with less document duplication.
  • Elimination of paper-based processes, paving the way for further digital transformation.


Managed IT Services

In a time of digital change reliable and secure IT equipment is essential. Our Managed IT Services include supply of IT hardware, infrastructure support, security support and end-user support.

Key Benefits of IT Services for Education
Taking the stress out of the day to day running of the IT department

  • We’ll work as an extension of your own IT team, listening to, and understanding requirements - so that the IT system is reliable, resilient and tailored.
  • Reduced cybersecurity threat
  • Ensure peace of mind with backup and disaster recovery services
  • Provide additional IT support and expertise, removing this burden from under resourced teams.


Barcode Printing Solutions

We can adapt our barcode printing solutions to suit the requirements of your educational setting. Our barcode printers are suitable for:

  • Asset labels for tracking of important documents – for example exam papers
  • Visitor passes – the printers are ergonomic and compact for reception and small office spaces
  • Address labels
  • Sashes/wristbands for events – for sports days and school outings
  • Iron on names tags – for clothing

If your education setting prepares pre-packed food on-site, you’ll be aware of the Natasha Law labelling requirements. Our allergen manager desktop labelling solution clearly lists all the ingredients with the allergens boldly highlighted, for peace of mind of compliance with the legal requirements. Download the flyer to find out more.


Visual Communications

Our visual communication solutions provide a creative, instant way to share information. We offer a full suite of digital signage and interactive screens for a range of educational applications, including wireless presentation solutions, interactive and digital displays, content management systems and more. Check out our range of solutions here.

Key Benefits of Visual Communication Devices for Schools
Increase engagement with interactive knowledge transfer display solutions

  • Deliver engaging information about forthcoming events and curriculum information, along with other news and updates.
  • Provide positive impact on pupil and staff engagement levels effective and timely method to distribute information.
  • Designed to suit a variety of spaces and building layouts.
  • Flexible screen designs on wheel mounted stands that can be shared by departments.
  • Available in landscape or portrait formats.
  • Easily design and create engaging content for lessons, tutorials or meetings.


Take a look at the Digital Screens we installed at Oathall Community College.

Education Frameworks

We can also support educational establishments via frameworks. Toshiba has been recognised as an official supplier on the following frameworks:


Supporting the present and future of education

Every level of education has its own unique challenges and needs. But with the right technology, you can meet these requirements, and harness the digital solutions that will enable hybrid learning and set students up for a brighter future.

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