Improve processes at every point in the retail supply chain with Toshiba

Provide exceptional customer experiences using digital retail displays and screens

The pace of change within the retail sector is rapid. Therefore, businesses have a need to share information quickly - sometimes on a global scale - and will also require the infrastructure to support this. Touch screen and digital retail display screens offer a creative and instant way of sharing information with customers and a workforce, such as attractive in-store offers and essential health and safety information.

As well as the hardware, Toshiba delivers end-to-end visual communications technology via the cloud. This enables retail businesses to create, edit, manage, deploy, and report on digital content in real-time. In addition, this process can be managed using mobile devices by anyone with the correct permissions.

Ultimately, the installation of digital screens across your retail operation will showcase your offering and provide tailored customer experiences. For example, screens are influenced by your inventory (let customers know what’s SOLD OUT) and can even be automatically controlled by the weather; promote ice cold drinks when it’s hot, or this season’s raincoats when it rains, and so on.

Mobilise your retail team with portable label printers 

When aiming for improved processes within the retail sector, effective labelling is vital. Toshiba’s portable and affordable label printers are designed to:

  • Integrate Bluetooth and wireless connectivity
  • Support label and receipt printing
  • Provide price markdown, shelf-edge, queue-busting and promotional printing
  • Enable on the go printing and ticketing

Barcode solutions for Retail

Retail businesses using portable label printers report efficient labelling and receipt printing within their demanding and fast-moving stores. Importantly, the printers are robust and easy to use, allowing for flexible on-demand labels and receipts adapting to the needs and requirements of the business.

Retail document management

Retail businesses with automated document workflows operate productively and securely. The effectiveness of digitising document management is demonstrated in:

  • Paperless workflows | reduce your impact on the environment and have access to information at your fingertips
  • The automation of common processes | remove routine tasks - such as indexing and archiving - and digitise document workflows
  • Compliance | digital transformation supports in the ever-increasing data regulations that retail businesses are faced with

DocuWare, document management and workflow automation software, will transform your retail business through digitisation. The solution creates significant savings in storage and employee time, and removes paper-based processes: DocuWare is the smartest home for your documents.

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