Enhance the retail experience

The retail landscape has changed. Today’s customers expect seamless digital experiences that span instore and online with swift, personalised interactions. Toshiba supports digital transformation in retail with the technology needed – both front and back of house – to provide the omnichannel experiences customers demand. All while optimising workflows and providing supply chain visibility by putting the right knowledge in the right place in the right format. And, by helping you move to paperless processes, we support your sustainability initiatives too. Transform your retail business with Toshiba.

Explore our technology solutions

We don’t just provide pick-and-pack labels, we create channel-defying retail experiences

  • Exceed customer expectations and enhance experiences
  • Improve efficiencies to meet the growing culture of immediacy
  • Expand into emerging markets and create new channels


Tailored solutions to support your operation

Managed Print Services: transforming the way your print information is captured, managed, displayed and shared.

Barcode Printing Solutions: improving operational productivity and efficiency by seamlessly integrating into your organisation’s workflows.

Process Optimisation: eliminating time-consuming processes and ensuring continuity with automated and streamlined digitised document workflows.

Why Toshiba?

Toshiba is the leading knowledge-on-demand partner for modern retailers, helping streamline knowledge to where it needs to be. We recognise the need to balance customer experience with internal efficiencies, that’s why we take the time to understand your unique challenges, processes and the outcomes you’re looking to achieve. Using our expertise, we then work with you to recommend an integrated infrastructure and the right digital tools to ensure you can turn every opportunity into a sale.

Meet all your customer expectations

With Toshiba’s workplace solutions, you have tailored tools that strengthen your internal operations, and ensure you meet the needs of your customers.Our knowledge-on-demand expertise and services make us the digital upgrade that modern retail needs to care for, store and distribute its knowledge.

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