Automatic label printing and application system that combines high performance and cost effectiveness

Improving efficiency through automation

Despite the worsened economic outlook, manufacturing companies are forecast to continue to accelerate their investments in digital tools in 2023, with around 50% of companies planning to invest in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Production Automation Tools. Euromonitor

As the need for more streamlined processes increases businesses are looking to implement new technologies that automate their manual processes, improving production efficiencies and saving both time and money.

Easy-to-integrate “off-the-shelf” application solutions, can help manufacturing companies take the first steps into automation, with a low capital outlay and easy to use and install.

Automation of your labelling processes 

The Toshiba APLEX4 is an automatic label printing and application system suitable for a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing-based environments. Designed to be used in combination with our B-EX series of industrial printers, the APLEX4 automates your labelling processes and provides a robust, reliable and cost-effective label printing solution.

Take the first steps into automation

The APLEX4 can handle production levels of up to 30 labels per minute and is available in resolutions of 200, 300 and 600 dpi, with the ability to print at various angles without the need for adjustment or alignment. Capable of fully integrating into your existing production line, this hassle-free solution can easily be installed into any facility in typically less than 3 hours. Plus it comes with everything needed to operate as standard including, tamp pad, air filter regulator, photocell, and test button, to simplify the installation setting. 

Speak to a member of our team about implementing APLEX4 within your existing workflow.

The APLEX4 is designed to support all industrial environments, adapting easily to existing production lines.

  • Ideal for pallet labels and shipping label
  • Flexible size of boxes, cartons or products on the same line
  • Product labelling, processing/food distribution
  • Distribution centres receiving /shipping, cross-docking
  • Courier, transport and logistics

Download this PDF to see how the APLEX4 solution can support all industrial environments, adapting easily to existing production lines.


Can apply labels (25x25mm to 116x200mm) on the top, bottom or sides and at any rotation angle required and can be easily adjusted to use with delicate products.


An off-the-shelf solution which requires no modifications or re-designing to be implemented within your existing production workflows.


Can run 24/7 manually and/or automatically. Its intelligent design, standardised mechanisms, consumables (ribbons and labels) and software minimise the need for maintenance.

Easy migration

With the APLEX4 your business can easily migrate from manual labelling to automatic labelling or use a combination of both providing you with high-performance, quality industrial printing.

An insured investment

If you already own a Toshiba B-EX series printer, it can easily be turned into an automatic labelling system. The APLEX4 is also RFID-ready for when you need to read and record RFID tags.

Optional Accessories

Extend your automatic labelling operation with our range of APLEX4 accessories.

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