Directly improve healthcare service levels and patient care outcomes through digital transformation

Toshiba solutions are here to improve service levels and patient care outcomes in the healthcare industry. We understand that managing costs and improving the efficiency of a healthcare environment are of key importance. Our unique and easily integrable applications help to ensure data integrity while enhancing the patient experience.

With an extensive portfolio, we can provide fast and reliable technology to the pharmaceutical marketplace. Toshiba technology solutions offer benefits specific to a healthcare environment, such as reducing physical interactions, optimising workflows and ensuring data accuracy. All of our products are designed to be eco-friendly and future-proofed, delivering a lower overall ownership cost.

Barcode & Labelling Solutions

Toshiba’s specialist barcode and labelling solutions for healthcare organisations help enhance both patient and staff experience and save valuable time and money. 

Portable label solutions | Providing mobile pharmacies with high quality, accurate and mobile printing machines. Improve the patient experience by dispensing medicine at the bedside, taking pressure off the pharmacy and helping free up more beds.

Desktop dispensary printers | Low cost, high performing printers offer peace of mind, with a small footprint and highly accurate printing. Perfect for printing high quality on-demand labels.

Industrial printers | For production/batch label printing requirements, our printers provide high speed, high volume printing with GS1 barcode support.

    Our print solutions:

    • Protect patient records and data
    • Improve efficiency with workflow optimisation and accuracy
    • Improve internal processes with patient safety as the primary objective
    • Integrate quickly and easily into existing systems

    Barcode solutions for Healthcare

    The use of Toshiba Mobile Printers has highlighted that there is a ready made solution available that can drastically reduce the amount of time patients have to wait to receive their take home medicines. I certainly believe that other NHS Trust hospitals should initiate a similar programme of improvement and would highly recommend Toshiba Tec's products and services. Kristi Anderson, Northwick Park Hospital

    View the full case study here

    Print and Scan Workflows

    Optimising document workflows alongside simplifying daily tasks can seem a daunting task in the healthcare environment, but it’s an essential process to improve operational performance.

    Toshiba’s Managed Print Services, combining multifunction printers (MFPs) and print management software, offer reliable and efficient print, scan and copy functionality while simplifying many common operations.

    Improve your productivity | Streamline document workflows into one-touch functions via fully customisable colour touch-screens, and automate the processing of large document volumes into a single operation.

    Be mobile | The support of cloud and mobile printing makes the integration of document workflows easier than ever.

    Enhance security | Data is secured through authenticated access control, and Toshiba’s self-encrypting secure hard drive ensures unauthorised access is prohibited.

    Document Management in Healthcare

    Healthcare organisations manage an ever-increasing amount of information. Whether data is stored digitally or on paper, the ability to classify, store and share information is crucial to effective document management. Service levels to both patients and staff can be improved as a result of optimising these processes.

    Toshiba enables you to quickly and securely manage all of your information through:

    • Intelligent and automatic capture tools for indexing, naming and filing incoming documents.
    • Powerful electronic document management tools to scan, index, view, share and archive your documents securely, locally or in the cloud - reducing search and filing times.
    • Automated workflows to streamline document validation circuits and optimise your business processes.

    Our document management solutions also increase security and provide more control and traceability.

    Digital Signage Solutions

    Toshiba’s visual display technology delivers a scalable communications solution, offering end-to-end information capabilities through digital displays and kiosks.

    LCD Hand Sanitiser Stations | Toshiba’s intelligent LCD Hand Sanitiser stations, help protect staff and patients:

    • Automatic dispensers for alcohol based or alcohol free foam or gel sanitisers
    • Physical interaction is removed, offering a clear advantage by avoiding hand pumps or bottles
    • Schedule messaging and live feeds on the LCD display, including the latest WHO & NHS England Media content as well as company information

    Digital Screens and Interactive Kiosks | Our digital displays and kiosks help keep dedicated healthcare teams and patients/visitors informed, communicating vital information and messaging as required:

    • Display informative content and medical adverts in key visitor areas, 24/7
    • Interactive way finders help visitor navigate around hospitals
    • Content can be easily managed and changed on demand.
    • Multiple applications possible throughout the healthcare environment

    Healthcare IT Services

    As well as increasing patient protection, changes in healthcare IT must come with a commitment to security due to the need to protect data and infrastructure. Toshiba’s Managed IT Services can offer the support and control you need to stay secure against the threat of cyberattacks.

    Email security | Prevent email-borne threats and protect against accidental and malicious loss of data.

    Network security | Protect your network and applications against advanced threats, including firewall protection.

    Disaster recovery | Easily recover from ransomware, corruption and other events, and protect from downtime.

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