Electronic signatures for every scenario

VIDsigner is an electronic signature solution providing a safe and easy way to obtain digital signatures for your business documents - helping your organisation to quickly transform the way you do business.

The digital and legal signing of business documents is super easy and allows you to send documents to sign to anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone – without the need for prior installation or any knowledge. You no longer need to print, sign, scan and email business documents that require a signature. For a fast and secure way to obtain a signature on an online PDF you just need to upload the document and enter the details of the person to sign the document (name, email and phone number), which will then be received on a computer, tablet or smartphone for signing - it's that simple!

  • No paper documents required | The digital signature helps streamline business processes that normally require several paper steps to formalise. Plus, it is fully automated and safe.
  • Security guaranteed | With a double authentication via email and OTP (One Time Password) or two-factor authentication to the smartphone of the person who signs, this guarantees identity at all times.
  • Streamline your business processes | The process of issuing, receiving and approving documents has been completely streamlined. The digital signature is legally recognised.
  • Improve business efficiencies | The digital signature services can help you grow your organisation faster, by allowing you to act immediately and close contracts faster.