Improve processes and productivity

The organisational demand for file transfers is growing rapidly along with the average size of files being transferred, whilst the risk of security breaches is also increasing. Legacy file transfer methods such as email and FTP are unable to meet the compliance and security needs of organisations. Many existing file transfer processes are also beset with frequent errors and exceptions, leading to inefficiency and higher cost.

AMS File Transfer & File Shares provide a central solution for the movement and sharing of files inside and outside an organisation, helping to improve productivity and collaboration, whilst increasing the security, reliability and compliance of file transfers.  

AMS File Transfer | Improves the processes and productivity associated with the movement of files throughout the extended enterprise. With its intuitive web interface, integration with Microsoft Office Outlook and Drag & Drop functionality, the process is quick and easy for users resulting in fewer problems.

AMS File Shares | Allows you to create common areas to share information with your colleagues, customers and partners. By creating a familiar file and folder structure, you can easily store and manage your documents, longer term, all in one place.

Key benefits

  • Send and receive secure messages and attachments via email, with the option of adding an encrypted message in addition to the standard email body
  • Comply with security policies and privacy regulations - reduce risk and ease external pressures on the security of your documents
  • Configurable options around authentication, providing several levels of security.
  • Large File support for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, removing the inconvenience and delay of having to deliver files via other means
  • Improve the efficiency of your user’s workflow and the transfer process, making it easy to deliver large files with familiar and simple to use tools
  • Reduce time spent by IT on setting up and managing disparate file transfer solutions
  • Bespoke integration options and process automation can be achieved using the RESTful API or via the drop folder tools.