Intuitive dashboard for accounts payable

Intuitive for DocuWare is a dashboard solution designed with AP requirements in mind, tailored towards key finance positions such as Finance Director, AP Manager and AP clerks. The dashboard reports on the status and performance of the end-to-end AP automation solution, comprising of 3 ‘out of the box’ dashboards:

Invoice in Process

  • Analyse outstanding invoice issues to improve processing
  • See top 100 invoices by value and status in workflow
  • Spot potential bottlenecks in the process e.g. invoices missing receipts, POs or other information
  • Highlight invoices with long processing times

Supplier Performance

  • Examine supplier performance with both high level and detailed views
  • Enhance supplier reviews with accurate, up to date information
  • Easily identify suppliers with problematic invoice accuracy

Staff Performance

  • Analyse proactivity of staff members in resolving or approving invoices where manual intervention is required
  • Identify team members who are potentially acting as a bottleneck to the process
  • Identify training needs for individual AP team members

Key benefits:

  • Streamline you Accounts Payable processes
  • Gain visibility over workflows and potential bottlenecks
  • A simple user interface makes the data easily accessible for users
  • Make informed decisions regarding suppliers, training, and the status of invoices
  • Identify opportunities for automation and digitalisation
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