Document management and workflow automation

DocuWare offers comprehensive features for digitising information and business processes. Helping you to keep your teams productive, automate your document workflows, and protect your data and documents with secure, centralised archiving.

Key benefits

  • Capture and organise information
  • Process documents and manage workflows
  • Access and view content for decision-making

5 key areas of digitisation

  • Go paperless – take your first simple step towards digitisation by reducing your manual, paper-driven processes and turning them into convenient, digital, user-centric experiences. Through reducing your paper usage, you will cut costs, improve your data security and streamline operations.
  • Automate common processes – many organisations rely on manual steps for repetitive, routine tasks, which slow down processes and increase opportunity for error – especially when capturing, indexing, routing and archiving information. Through digitising your document workflows, these processes can be automated, helping drive efficiency, remove risk and improve profits.
  • Embrace the mobile workforce – give your mobile workers the ability to maintain productivity and business continuity anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • Be compliant – digital transformation will help you comply with the ever-increasing regulations facing your organisation. By embracing standards of control, transparency, security and privacy, you will benefit from data integrity, inherent productivity and improved customer experience.
  • Move to the cloud - shift away from complex on-premises software to secure, integrated and complete subscription-based cloud services for your workflow automation and document management. Using cloud applications provide financial flexibility, an obvious path to value and administrative simplicity.

For complete document management functionality, DocuWare will help you transform your business through digitisation – shifting away from paper-based processes, allowing you to recognise significant savings in storage and employee time.

Check out this video to find out what document management could mean for your business.

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