Advanced data capture

ancoraDocs™ is an intelligent document classification and advanced data capture utilising Artificial Intelligence and machine learning - on-premise and in the cloud.

AP Invoice Automation

ancoraDocs Invoices is a complete invoice processing solution - from scanning to ERP, and specifically designed for Accounts Payable departments to help improve the unique business processes and workflow. ancoraDocs™ is a flexible, customisable solution to meet the needs of Accounts Payable Departments large and small.

  • Capture invoices the minute they arrive - in any format, from anywhere
  • Reduce manual data entry and invoice processing costs by 50% to 80%.
  • Electronically route invoices for processing and approval
  • Eliminate late fees by streamlining the payment cycle
  • Make invoices available from any business application so employees can track and inquire about invoices without interrupting your AP staff.
  • Easily search and find invoices and invoice-related documents instantly from a central repository
  • Streamline audits and alleviate the burden of searching for files by providing auditors direct access to requested invoices in an ECM solution.

Sales Order Processing Automation

ancoraDocs Sales Orders enables faster processing of orders, helping your team to contact customers sooner regarding problem orders and retrieve information faster when handling customer inquiries.

  • Capture Sales Orders the minute they arrive - in any format, from anywhere
  • Document classification will automatically separate your Sales Orders from supporting documents like shipping instructions, cancellations, etc.
  • Reduce manual data entry by 60% to 90%
  • Electronically route Sales Orders for processing and approval to your ERP/ECM solution.
  • Easy to implement - unique Auto-Find learns data fields on Sales Orders without endless hours of building templates.
  • Simple integration with 3rd party applications
  • Improves customer service through faster processing with more accurate data
  • Provides management visibility and compliance controls

General Forms Processing

ancoraDocs Forms can help you eliminate the labour intensive, error prone and time consuming manual processing of forms and other general business documents.

  • Capture forms as they arrive into your organisation from any scanner, MFP, email or watched folder
  • Document classification forms are automatically sorted based on pattern, appearance and text into specific document classes for data extraction
  • Reduce manual data entry by 60% to 90% by automatically extracting relevant data fields based on form type··
  • Electronically route forms utilising ancoraDocs Forms flexible ability to easily output images and data to your ECM or line-of-business application for business processing.
  • Simple implementation - unique Auto-Find learns data fields on forms and machine-learning algorithms allows for fast setup of previously unseen forms.
  • Easy integration with 3rd party applications allows for data to be extracted easily
  • Provides management visibility and compliance controls by applying strict controls on how business forms are processed is critical for regulatory compliance
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