Streamline and automate your business processes

Toshiba have a range of products tailored to improving productivity, operations and accuracy across your organisation. Each can be used as a standalone solution, and also work well as a blended solution when used together.

Document Management Solutions

DocuWare | Document management and workflow automation
DocuWare offers comprehensive features for digitising information and business processes. Helping you to keep your teams productive, automate your document workflows, and protect your data and documents with secure, centralised archiving.

VIDsigner | Digital signatures
VIDsigner is a SaaS electronic signature service for face-to-face and remote signature capture. It combines the simplicity of use with the security of cryptography and biometrics. VIDsigner is a centralised solution that acts as a guarantor for your signature collection, giving you the safest and easiest way to get fully legal and valid electronic signatures.

AMS Managed File Transfer / File Shares | File transfer and sharing platform
AMS File Transfer & File Shares provide a central solution for the movement and sharing of files inside and outside an organisation. A powerful, secure solution to replace vulnerable FTP servers, disparate legacy file transfer systems, slow physical shipment of data, fragmented email attachments, USB sticks and expensive leased lines.

AMS Cloud Fax | Paperless communications
AMS Cloud Fax enables faxes to be received and sent as electronic messages directly from an email account. Cloud Fax is a 100% hosted fax service that eliminates the need for fax servers, fax machines and related infrastructure.

Capture and OCR Solutions

ancoraDocs | Advanced data capture
ancoraDocs™ is an intelligent document classification and advanced data capture solution. It uses artificial intelligence to identify a document by looking at the attributes of a document, e.g. document size, text layout, logos, tables etc. and the semantic content.

e-FileWatcher | Flexible digital workflows and processes
Toshiba's e-FileWatcher is a powerful workflow engine which monitors folders, mailboxes and print data streams to capture, convert, process and route documents and data. Ideal for modelling flexible workflows.

Drivve | Image | Image capture and routing
Drivve | Image is a feature-rich scanning software that enhances your scan workflows, seamlessly integrating into your information infrastructure. It optimises business processes by intelligent capture, processing and distribution in full security. It’s an electronic file tracking system that provides detailed reporting on access, send and store.

Umango 20 | Document conversion
Umango 20 is a powerful, easy to configure, document converting and routing solution. It provides the automated conversion, document separation and image filtering of a wide range of file formats into a unified file name and file format without requiring user intervention.

Foxit PhantomPDF | Multi-Feature PDF Editor
PhantomPDF provides a cost effective, business ready solution to securely work with PDF documents and forms. It provides a full featured platform to view, create, edit, collaborate, share, secure, organize, export, OCR, and sign PDF documents.

ADS Capture for Accounts Payable | Automated data capture and document management
Accounts payable automation with matching and approval workflow. ADS Capture for AP significantly reduces the time spent processing invoices - the system automatically extracts, verifies and matches invoices to your data checking for duplicates and accounting errors.