Simple, powerful print management in the cloud

PaperCut Hive is a cloud-native, fully embedded print management software for businesses that require a secure and flexible printing solution to track, control and enable print, copy and scan.

Convenient printing for everyone

Serverless printing makes printing easy again. Simply send a document to a single print queue, then securely release the print job at your Toshiba device.

  • Simple end user installation | Print from your workstation, or any authorised mobile device via a print app - no need to set up print servers, print queues or print drivers
  • Touch-free print release | Convenient print release options using your mobile device for contactless printing.
  • Simple onboarding | Provide users and visitors with access - simply enter their email in the admin portal and they will receive a welcome email with setup instructions, allowing them to print to your Toshiba device.
  • User reporting | View a log of all copy, print and scan activity. All actions in the system are auditable and available in a real-time report.

Secure printing for peace-of-mind

Keep your documents private and protected with built-in security features.

  • Secure print release | Control access and print release with user authentication via a unique PIN, to ensure documents end up in the right hands.
  • Access control | Add rules to control who, where and when someone can print/copy/scan, and monitor everything, from print tracking, to user logins, copies and scans. 
  • Fully encrypted print solution | Keep your print jobs in your local network and reduce internet bandwidth.
  • Print accountability | Add a watermark or digital signature so you can trace who printed a document, enabling print accountability and encouraging confidentiality and compliance from users.

    Sustainable printing

    Reduce paper waste, save on toner and create sustainable habits. With eco-friendly print policies, you can reduce your environmental impact.

    • Paper forecast tool | Keep on top of your paper supplies by forecasting your paper usage per month/year.
    • Story Tree | Gain insights via the Story Tree in the admin portal and monitor the total pages printed, peak print times, most active users, printing DNA etc., and identify the habits that are working or those that need improving.
    • Eco-print policies | Encourage double-sided/black-and-white printing with user notifications.
    • Reduce waste | Purge unreleased print jobs to reduce print waste.
    • Environmental impact | View your environmental impact through the reporting tool and manage your paper consumption.
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