Remote Support

Toshiba e-BRIDGE CloudConnect (ECC) offers comprehensive security and management for networked multifunction products (MFPs). It securely and reliably collects operation data transmitted from your MFPs over HTTPS/SSL connection. Only parties from contracted maintenance companies with valid permission can view the data.

  • Cloud-based support service for an end-to-end process for monitoring device communications
  • Increase uptime with proactive device status alerts and remote diagnostics
  • Reduce workload with scheduled meter readings and automated supplies delivery
  • Keep machines up to date with the latest firmware and remote data back up
  • Provide stability across your MFP fleet with regular, remote health checks


Could copies, prints, faxes, or scans be leaked outside when using e-BRIDGE CloudConnect?
No. e-BRIDGE CloudConnect only handles device operation status information, so documents will never be leaked outside.

Could copy, prints, fax, or scan counter data be leaked to or viewed from outside?
No. e-BRIDGE CloudConnect protects the counter data using server authentication, encryption, and an internally-developed system where data is transmitted only from inside.

How secure is the system?
e-BRIDGE CloudConnect uses HTTPS, a secured version of the HTTP protocol used for viewing websites.

Why are e-mail addresses not used during communication between MFPs and e-BRIDGE CloudConnect?
E-mail is vulnerable to impersonation, snooping, and tampering.


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