Identity Management for your print device

BioStore is an Identity Management system for print and copy control through your Toshiba print device. The BioStore solution is fully compatible with a ‘follow-me’ print process, where users submit print jobs to a virtual queue and can then retrieve those jobs from any authorised device, by confirming their identity using the card or biometric reader, or typing a PIN.

  • Security | Documents are not produced until the document owner collects them. Use of biometrics adds a further level of security ensuring that users are positively identified and are not using someone else’s card or PIN.
  • Cost Saving & Environmental Benefit | Employing various levels of control can reduce total document production by a significant percentage, making the service both cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
  • Control | Dictate what is allowed or disallowed, such as enforcing mono and duplex printing for groups of users, allocating printer ‘credits’ or balances and ‘costs per copy’.
  • Flexibility & Efficiency | The solution makes it easy and convenient for the majority of printing and copying to make use of highly efficient MFPs.