Our key IT Service offerings

Toshiba’s Managed IT Services are organised into 4 key service offerings. Each is designed to specialise on a particular element of IT infrastructure:

Managed Security Services

Protect your organisation against the latest cybersecurity threats with security solutions and processes to defend against any would-be attackers.

Infrastructure Support

Keep your business operational through all eventualities, with a robust infrastructure. Our infrastructure support solutions will ensure you have 24/7/365 coverage of your critical IT systems, ensuring they are running smoothly and securely. We'll also help you protect your systems against new threats and vulnerabilities. 

End User Support

Rely on us to be your end-users’ first line of contact for all enquiries and troubleshooting, removing the burden from your IT team and freeing them to focus on maintaining a resilient infrastructure, instead of firefighting. With excellent user experience baked into our service offering, our experts are on-hand to provide the type of support you require.

Complete Outsourcing

For organisations that wish to completely outsource their IT systems and governance, our consultants can work in partnership with your team to help with your architecture, migration, policy and compliance and staff provisioning.

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