Bring your meetings to life with Interactive Displays

The large, reach out and touch displays, are equipped with a versatile range of features to make meetings interactive and seamless. Users can access documents and applications as they do from their desktop, combined with useful meeting features like digital whiteboards, zooming in, digital clipboards and remote annotation and editing.

Whether the meeting is taking place in a meeting room or with remote participants, everyone has the opportunity to collaborate on the screen. Combined with video conferencing software it is a powerful tool for remote collaboration.

Interactive Screens

Smart, innovative, interactive solutions enhance collaborative working, from single large format solutions to interactive video walls. They can support numerous applications including video conferencing, interactive lectures and presentations as well as interactive infotainment.

With a number of Touch technologies; from Infrared to PCAP offering multi-touch from 10 point to 80 simultaneous touch points, there is a solution for any application.

Interactive Tables

Touch interactive tables are designed for a number of uses from early years' learning environments such as nurseries and primary schools to collaborative idea sharing.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the screens feature 10 point capacitive touch with toughened glass ensuring safety first. The tilting mechanism ensures the table is universally accessible. Available with or without a built in battery which provides up to 8 hours use from a full charge, making the table truly mobile.

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