Toshiba Tec | Visual Communications | Infection Control

Protect employees and customers by helping prevent the spread of contact infection with innovative Zero Touch Solutions: products that are capable of delivering hand hygiene, temperature checking, access control and digital messaging functionalities.

Intelligent LCD Hand Sanitiser stations and iDisplay Thermometers will help invite users back in stores, schools and work, in a cost effective, efficient and safe way.  You can also remotely monitor and control the dispensing of sanitiser. And you can control access to buildings with frontline Infrared Thermometer technology, which enables you to scan users at the point of entry and detect body temperatures which are above normal.

LCD Hand Sanitiser Stations

A unique kiosk, with an LCD screen automatically dispenses foam or gel sanitisers via a built-in IR sensor - clean, safe and completely touch-free, this station helps protect staff, visitors or customers by avoiding cross infection.

Health or company messaging, or instructions at the point of sanitisation, can all be delivered through a built-in CMS which allows you to easily create and manage the content displayed on the screen.


The iDISPLAY Thermometer is designed to instil a sense of trust and safety in people across industries as they re-commence everyday activities, post COVID-19. Outform’s non-contact infrared thermometers will enable organisation to invite users go back in stores, schools, and work, all in a cost-effective, efficient and safe manner.

A touchless, frictionless and accurate method to temperature measurement, the iDISPLAY Thermometer is able to read body temperatures, and alert users and designated associates if a user has a fever, within a matter of seconds. It can also be programmed to include facial recognition to identify known staff and store valuable data.