Take control of your visual communications with Large Format Displays, for flexible communications in any setting, screen sizes range from 32” to 98” offering either 16/7 or 24/7 signage in full HD or Ultra HD.

Multiple tiled displays combined make a Video Wall for creating and delivering impactful communications.

Indoor/ Outdoor LED Panels/ Tiles can take your visual displays to the next level where you dictate the size of your screen.

Applications are endless from Corporate, Education, Retail, Hospitality, Stadia, Transport and Logistics.

Large Format Displays

Large Format Displays (LFD) are the perfect introduction to the world of professional digital signage and visual communication, ideal in the education, corporate or meeting space. They bring great performance and dependable quality into your meeting room, classroom or retail space, and meet all your needs, seamlessly.

Robust, 16/7- and 24/7-ready digital displays provide consistent and reliable performance with sizes from 40” up to 98” with resolutions up to 4K, allowing for an impressive display of your engaging content.

High Brightness Displays

Connecting with customers has never been smarter or brighter. The High Brightness Displays offer a maximum brightness of 2700cd/m², which will capture viewers with a stunning visual experience.

High reliability and a stable image quality are guaranteed by the selection of professional grade components and an intelligent thermal management allows for an even heat distribution even under challenging conditions and 24/7 applications.

This type of display is ideal for any heavy-duty digital signage application that requires extremely high brightness levels and sunlight proof operation.

Direct View LED Panels

Outdoor Direct View LED (DVLED) signage solutions are designed to create engaging viewing experiences. DVLED provides vivid colours and is perfect for airports, shopping centres, stadiums, billboards and more. LED modules provide flexibility as they can cover a surface area of any size, and with various pixel pitches you can have displays from Standard Definition to High Definition.

Indoor DVLED display solutions deliver engaging customer experiences through high brightness, vibrancy, and excellent viewing angles. Bezel-free and scalable to virtually any size, these super slim and lightweight panels are easy to install even in the tightest spaces. A premium level product, perfect for delivering luxury brand messaging.

Video Wall Displays

Video wall displays are the mainstay for situational awareness, monitoring and control and are perfect for delivering high impact messaging. They put the operator securely in control when precision visualisation is mission-critical.

Optimised for static and moving content and with high brightness and an anti-reflection haze filter, even in bright environments the content remains crisp and easy to read. Powerful calibration capabilities make installation and set up so simple in achieving perfectly aligned video walls, with the impression of a single large surface canvas.

Ideal for attracting shoppers in retail spaces, entertainment spaces or presenting menu choices, these large modular displays, in different shapes and formations, will help you get your content noticed.

Stretched Displays

Where space is limited but not your message, Stretched/Bartype Displays are the perfect solution.

Delivering space efficient visualisation for constricted environments such as corridors, height restricted ceilings, pillar mounting and retail shelves, Stretched/Bartype Displays offer a distinctive ultra-wide 16:4 screen ratio. High adaptability extends to both landscape and portrait orientation ideal for space-limited areas, yet content creation remains easy and effortless. Content is crisp and clear with compelling readability even in bright ambient light conditions, with high brightness levels combined with an anti-glare surface. Its modern, slim design forms an elegant digital surface which perfectly complements and integrates seamlessly into any environment.

Space efficient digital signage suited to retail environments, transportation hubs, quick service restaurants and all other public areas to effectively maximise previously unusable space, or where space is limited.

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