Barcode validation solution

High quality, consistent, reliable barcodes – Validated! The all-in-one online validation solution checks the label as it is printed to ensure your barcodes scan perfectly every time, ideal for use with Toshiba’s B-EX series of industrial printers.

Key Specifications

Fast Mode Void Mode
Check readability Yes Yes
Validate barcodes Yes Yes
Validate content Yes Yes
Automatic voiding - Yes
Focus Variable focal length
Package includes Datalogic® Matrix 220, camera support, power cable, ethernet adaptor, printer interface cable.

(Ethernet cable required but not included)
Dimensions & Weight 78mm x 47mm x 38mm

173g (excluding mounting system and cables)
Compatible Toshiba systems B-EX4 series, B-EX6 series (Void Mode not valid on any printer that does not have “ribbon-save module” - Not applicable with T2/T3/D2 models)
Verification standards 1D CQ Standard: ISO/IEC 15416

2D CQ Standard: ISO/IEC 16022/18004, ISO/IEC 29158 (AIM-DPM), ISO/IEC 15415
Operating temperature -10 to 50°C (14 to 122 °F)
0.0066 s - Query Time
6 - Query Count
0.1589 s - Parse Time
0.1655 s - Total Time
cache - Source
10 240 kb - Memory Usage