Work Intelligently with a Document Management System (DMS)

A Document Management System (DMS) supports businesses of all sizes in “staying on top of things.” Once a DMS has been implemented, users can expect to enjoy secure and efficient processes across an entire organisation: ultimately, a DMS is responsible for tracking, managing and storing documents. In addition, a properly implemented DMS will contribute towards providing a company with a competitive edge, as a result of facilitating easy access to documents anytime, anywhere.

Transform your business through digitisation and move away from paper-based processes. In turn, recognise significant savings in storage and employee time. John Ruda, Head of Process Optimisation

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Today, small and medium businesses typically have complex document workflows that involve seemingly endless hours of scanning, mailing, saving, approving, collating, archiving and filing documents, in both paper and digital forms. Processes as diverse as setting up and maintaining customer and client records, producing quotations, placing orders, making deliveries and issuing invoices all generate huge amounts of paperwork. 

In our Guide to Document Management, we tackle these complex issues and give an overview as to how a Document Management System could save organisations time and money, whilst also improving security and compliance.

Document Management Systems in action – how do businesses benefit?

Driven by one or more the following objectives, Toshiba implements robust Document Management Systems for its customers:

  • “Help us go paperless” – Toshiba will reduce manual and paper-driven processes and transform them into slick, digital experiences.
  • “Automate time-consuming processes” – digitising workflows eliminates the manual steps involved in repetitive and routine tasks associated with paper documents.
  • “Provide our workforce with greater flexibility” – following DMS implementation, employees are able to maintain productivity and continuity on any device.
  • “Deliver a cloud-based Document Management System” – on-site software can be complex. Toshiba steers businesses towards secure, integrated and subscription-based cloud services. Using cloud applications brings a number of benefits such as straightforward administration and financial flexibility.
  • “Ensure we’re compliant” – there’s a huge amount of risk involved in storing paper documents. Digital transformation helps businesses to comply with regulations and is centred around secure document storage.
  • "Help us support remote working" - support your mobile workforce by digitising your document processes. With a rise in flexible and remote working, it's vital your employees have access to documents as and when they need, from any location. Download our guide on building your mobile workforce.

Toshiba provides DMS for businesses across the UK

Organisations across both public and private sectors work with Toshiba to transform the way they capture, manage, display and share information.

Lion Hudson, a small independent publisher, approached Toshiba for advice on providing a seamless and transparent operation for its accounts team. Toshiba proposed digitisation and automation of all key processes, and Lion Hudson now turns invoices around in a day.

We had incredible buy-in from the whole company, as everyone could see that there would be no more time wasted on searching for documents in filing cabinets, lever arch files or in-trays. Caroline Gregory, Finance Director at Lion Hudson

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Download our DMS whitepaper

Our Guide to Document Management identifies the things to look for when selecting a document management solution and discusses the benefits of workflow automation.