Leverage document automation for enhanced efficiency

At Toshiba, we understand the importance of efficient and streamlined document management in today's fast-paced business environment. With our leading document automation services, we empower organisations to optimise their workflow, enhance productivity, and achieve significant cost savings.

The challenge

Today, small and medium businesses typically have complex document workflows that involve seemingly endless hours of scanning, mailing, saving, approving, collating, archiving and filing documents, in both paper and digital forms. Processes as diverse as setting up and maintaining customer and client records, producing quotations, placing orders, making deliveries and issuing invoices all generate huge amounts of paperwork. 

The opportunity

It is essential to streamline and optimise processes to achieve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Document management and automation technology offers significant advantages in these areas by automating the creation, management, and processing of documents. By eliminating manual tasks, reducing errors, improving collaboration, and enhancing overall productivity, document automation empowers teams to focus on strategic initiatives and drive business growth.

How would your businesses benefit?

  • Significantly reduce time spent on manual document creation, data entry and processing
  • Ensure accuracy by minimising human intervention and automatically populate data from reliable sources, applying predefined rules and validations
  • Eliminate manual handling and reduce bottlenecks, helping accelerate processes to meet deadlines more efficiently
  • Built-in compliance checks ensure adherence to industry standards, legal requirements, and internal policies
  • A centralised platform enables document sharing, real-time updates, and version control

Transform your business through digitisation and move away from paper-based processes. Organisations across numerous sectors and departments work with Toshiba to transform the way they capture, manage, display and share information.

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Case Studies

Lion Hudson - independent publisher finds a robust document management solution with the help of Toshiba, providing a seamless and transparent operation for its accounts team.

“We had incredible buy-in from the whole company, as everyone could see that there would be no more time wasted on searching for documents in filing cabinets, lever arch files or in-trays. In addition, we no longer have to think about storing documents in our office, and our data security has improved enormously. We currently process between 80 and 90% of invoices using the paperless system, and all of the 30 people involved have noticed a positive change – invoices are now being turned around in a day, which was something we could almost never achieve with our old paper-based systems.” Caroline Gregory, Finance Director

Hercules Site Services - leading provider of services to the construction industry digitises their AP procedure, and improve efficiency, reduce manual processes, increase auditability and make significant savings on paper usage.

“By automating the process, every element of my job is slicker, quicker and more efficient. I have complete visibility of where any invoice is, giving me the ability to prompt approvers where appropriate and spend my time dealing with the important queries. There is a greater level of accuracy, as there are no potential for errors due to manual processes, and with hardly any paper being printed, we have little need to store or file documents.” Emma Collins, Accounts Payable Manager

Stuart Plumbing - plumber’s merchant automates accounts payable processes, saving 40% in processing time.

“By automating a very manual and labour intensive process, we have already reduced invoicing time by about 30-40%. A task that would have taken the whole month to complete, we can now close off 10 days earlier. But the biggest improvement is in managing errors, we previously had so many issues with VAT and under and over payments, now the system automatically highlights any discrepancies so we can deal with them quickly with minimal issue, our accuracy levels has improved by 100%.” Stephen Elliott, Finance Director

Aster Healthcare - care home provider embraces digitisation and removes labour intensive manual processes, reducing operational costs and paper usage, and enhancing finance efficiency with an automated Accounts Payable process.

"The transition was very smooth, with the Toshiba team taking the time to clearly explain every part of the process in detail. They tailored the software to the specific requirements of our business and if we had any issues or queries, were available to help with a quick and efficient resolution, and it was always the same team which was really important to us from a consistency perspective.” Trushna Adalja, Finance Controller and Credit Manager

Key partners and solutions

<a href="workplace-solutions/products-and-solutions/process-optimisation-software/docuware/">DocuWare </a>| Validated ID | Advanced Data Spectrum | Foldr | Kodak Alaris | ancora Software | Intuitive | Toshiba Embedded Solutions 

DocuWare | Validated ID | Advanced Data Spectrum | Foldr | Kodak Alaris | ancora Software | Intuitive | Toshiba Embedded Solutions 

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