Streamline your document workflows and optimise your processes

With up to 99% of people now preferring remote working options, process optimisation is essential to keeping your business streamlined and operational. Under strong foundations, employees of any business are able to work effectively and securely from any location. An optimised digital approach to processes translates to better efficiency across the business, and with hybrid working here to stay it’s never been a better time to invest.

So what exactly does process optimisation mean? It refers to the discipline of building a more scalable and effective workflow by challenging existing processes across the business. This often means moving into digital rather than physical formats of documentation, as well as looking to aid the connectivity of employees wherever they may be.

A well managed optimisation strategy will ultimately be reflected in client satisfaction, where a seamless transition across departments and services shows your business is always aligned with the customers needs.



What are the key benefits?

Industry sectors will see different benefits from process optimisation practices, with various pain points addressed as required. However, most if not all businesses will gain a number of valuable improvements:

  • Reduced risk and costs from misfiling or losing documents
  • Securing your systems and data and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Improving productivity by reducing manual data entry and automating common processes
  • Increased accuracy, with less document duplication and invoice payments
  • Improved management visibility
  • Elimination of paper-based processes, paving the way for further digital transformation

An Industry Example - Optimising Finance and Accounting Processes

Data entry and other manual workflows are common sticking points for paper-heavy departments. The clearest solution to optimising these types of processes is utilising a digitised approach. This helps by automating and completing necessary tasks in a timely manner, with lower risk of lost or even damaged documents of high importance. As manual tasks are reduced and in many cases eliminated, finance and accounting departments have more time to focus on the smooth and accurate running of business needs.

Process optimisation in finance and accounting offer solutions to a number of typical issues:

  • Reduction of manual data entry
  • Streamline the invoicing process, from capture to approval
  • Eliminate late fees and maximise vendor discounts from early payments
  • Search and access of invoices, as and when required in an instant
  • Simplify and offer better transparency for auditing
  • Optimise cash flow

Streamlining your processes through digitisation

The digital revolution is nothing new, with countless advantages brought to businesses over the years. However, with more and more data built over time, the challenge across many sectors is an optimised transition between paper to digital systems. Employees can spend up to 40% of their time searching through physical documentation and poorly structured digital folders.

The benefits of an optimised process strategy creates better understanding and efficiency between users and across departments. Investing in a streamlined digital document workflow also brings a more secure and organised structure for businesses to build on. And it goes without saying, digitisation eliminates those intimidating stacks of paper cluttering the office.


Market-leading Process Optimisation Software

How can a business go about building this improved way of working from such a foundational and potentially intimidating position? Toshiba Tec provides and supports your needs through market-leading software services. To help you achieve your optimisation goals, we provide tailored solutions to best suit your needs, including:

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