Automating your workflows

Toshiba's Process Optimisation solutions provide scalable and effective document workflows by challenging existing processes across a business. This often means moving into digital rather than physical formats of documentation, as well as looking to aid the connectivity of employees wherever they may be.

Through the digitisation and automation of everyday document workflow activities, you can enhance operational effectiveness and save your business time, resources, and money. What’s more, by automating workflows with recognition technology and metadata, organisational processes are enhanced, and the retrieval of documents becomes secure, structured, and cost-effective.

Benefits of Process Optimisation

Organisations across various industry sectors will see different benefits from process optimisation practices, with various pain points addressed as required. However, most, if not all businesses will gain a number of valuable improvements:

  • Reduced risk and costs from misfiling or losing documents
  • Securing your systems and data and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Improving productivity by reducing manual data entry and automating common processes
  • Increased accuracy, with less document duplication and invoice payments
  • Improved management visibility
  • Elimination of paper-based processes, paving the way for further digital transformation


Leverage document automation for enhanced efficiency

Efficient and streamlined document management is important in today's fast-paced business environment. With our leading document capture, management and workflow automation services, we empower organisations to optimise their workflow, enhance productivity, and achieve significant cost savings.

Streamline and optimise processes to achieve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance - <a href="workplace-solutions/process-optimisation/document-capture-management-and-workflow-automation">find out more</a>

Streamline and optimise processes to achieve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance - find out more

Streamlining your processes through digitisation

The digital revolution is nothing new, with countless advantages brought to businesses over the years. However, with more and more data built over time, the challenge across many sectors is an optimised transition between paper to digital systems. Employees can spend up to 40% of their time searching through physical documentation and poorly structured digital folders.

The benefits of an optimised process strategy creates better understanding and efficiency between users and across departments. Investing in a streamlined digital document workflow also brings a more secure and organised structure for businesses to build on. And it goes without saying, digitisation eliminates those intimidating stacks of paper cluttering the office.


Automate and optimise workflows

By harnessing document capture, management and workflow automation software, Toshiba can help you streamline document processes for your business. Our team of experts will recommend a solution and carefully craft it around the specific operational needs of your functional teams.

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