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Many organisations strive to go above and beyond in terms of environmental commitments, and in the digital age, office printing sometimes has a bad reputation. However, it is possible to minimise the impact that your businesses printing infrastructure has on the environment by working with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider that takes its role in preserving the environment seriously.

With sustainability embedded within its corporate philosophy, Toshiba works with customers to provide sustainable print solutions and services designed to minimise the environmental impact of printing.

For example, Toshiba launched the world’s first monochrome hybrid multifunction printer with an erasable print function – it cuts waste paper by up to 80%. Printed documents have a very short life span, often a matter of minutes; therefore, the e-STUDIO5008LP series’ erasable print function has been designed to bridge the gap between reducing paper and recycling paper.

Optimising our print and document management infrastructure has made a positive difference to our overall operation in terms of streamlining our workflows and minimising waste. Mark Gauntlett, Monmouthshire Housing Association

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Organisations are more aware than ever of their environmental responsibility, and are looking for ways to minimise energy consumption and carbon impact. However, the manufacture and delivery of office technology can have a lasting effect on the environment. Toshiba’s sustainability insight demonstrates how we approach these challenges to deliver a sustainable print option for environmentally conscious companies.

Reduce your environmental impact at work

Businesses working with Toshiba as its MPS provider save more than paper. As a global company, Toshiba has a responsibility to set objectives that work towards lowering emissions and helping both biodiversity and the environment.

  • The total footprint of a Toshiba device, from parts to procurement, is offset – customers receive a complete carbon neutral device upon delivery. It is also possible for customers to offset their printing once they’ve received their solution.
  • As a manufacturing company, Toshiba uses its insights to reduce a product’s environmental impact throughout its lifecycle – environmentally friendly materials are sourced and certain harmful chemical substances are banned.
  • Sustainability is maximised across all business functions – from packaging and logistics to marketing and servicing.
With the help of carbon offsetting experts CO2balance, Toshiba have created a scheme which enables us to combat CO2 emissions through the offsetting all of our products – including MFPs and printers. Sarah Kochli, Head of Marketing

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Download our Sustainability Insight

Our Sustainability Insight discusses the considerations when minimising the impact of your organisation's technology infrastructure, including the cost of implementation, the impact of useful life and waste products.