Secure Critical Information and Minimise the Risk Associated with Printing

It is important that businesses of all sizes have ironclad control over documents without compromising efficiency or productivity. Multifunction printers (MFPs) can provide a vital toolkit when ensuring that print processes are in line with GDPR compliance. For example, standout security features might include PIN, card or biometric authentication in the interest of tracking the jobs printed by each user, and ensuring that the right person “releases” the job when they are standing at the printer.

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Next series of MFPs are designed to secure critical information and control access. As a result, the risk of the wrong person picking up documents, or printing sensitive information, is vastly reduced.

The e-BRIDGE Next series fulfils the highest security standards to protect your data and control access. In addition, Toshiba’s secure Hard Disk Drive (HDD) provides robust security for sensitive data and is included as standard with the entire A3 MFP range. Deyon Antoine
Product Manager at Toshiba

The benefits of secure printing

The benefits of secure printing in the workplace include:

  • A reduction in waste and printing costs – accountability for printed documents encourages users to consider if printing is necessary. In addition, accidental printing is eliminated.
  • Improved document security – pull printing ensures that documents are printed by authorised persons only.
  • Better workflows – staff are able to collect their documents in their own time and avoid the stress that comes with a printer not working properly - they can simply pull their documents from elsewhere.

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As organisations store and print large quantities of sensitive information every single day, the risk from cyber attack is ever-present. Download Toshiba’s resource to learn more about the three essential security areas to consider at your business: access security; document security; and device security.

Toshiba provides cloud-based printing solutions for businesses across the UK

Organisations across both public and private sectors work with Toshiba to transform the way they capture, manage, display and share information.

News UK, a global media company, operates from eight sites across the UK and Ireland and has headquarters in London. As a result of working with Toshiba, News UK staff are able to use their building entrance passes to access their documents via any chosen networked MFP, thereby keeping their documents secure. Users also have the ability to delete print commands, and after 24 hours, all print jobs are wiped if not printed and collected.

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