Managed IT Services to support and optimise your business infrastructure

To run an effective business in increasingly challenging times, reliable IT technology is essential. However, you also need to keep your IT systems secure and efficient - which can quickly become a time-consuming exercise for in-house IT teams.

With our Managed IT Services, we remove the stress and day-to-day pressure of keeping your IT infrastructure operational. Our philosophy is to look after your user community, enabling your IT team to focus on frontline, strategic priorities. Our team of managed IT support experts will work as an extension of your own, listening to, and understanding, your organisation’s unique requirements - so you can rest assured that your IT system is reliable, resilient and tailored to your exact needs.

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Secure. Helpful. Expert.

  • Security for businesses: Cybersecurity threats are an ever-evolving challenge for businesses, posing mounting risks which can have a serious negative impact on IT infrastructure. This might be a risk of loss of data, reputational harm, loss of productivity, or cost of repair. Our solutions help keep organisations protected from these threats.
  • Helping businesses run smoothly: Everything we do is centred around the unique needs of a business, helping them build and maintain a resilient IT infrastructure, only providing the support and services needed.
  • Providing additional expertise: Our IT Services capability allows us to manage key IT infrastructure and remove this burden from under resourced teams, as well as providing additional support for regulatory compliance if required.


Our Managed IT Services Portfolio

Toshiba’s Managed IT Services are organised into 4 key service offerings, each designed to specialise on a particular element of IT infrastructure.

Key Areas of Support:

  • Managed Security Services
  • Infrastructure Support
  • End User Support
  • Complete Outsourcing

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The Changing Landscape of Managed IT

As the business landscape continues to become more challenging, pressures on infrastructure are always increasing. Confidence in choosing the right solution that adds value becomes critical. IT systems and security are directly in the spotlight, with remote working a particular subject of focus and ensuring employees are adhering to security and corporate policies.

In the wake of this growing dynamic, business uptime becomes invaluable to ensure system availability and compliance. Trusting in-house IT teams to challenge existing processes isn’t always guaranteed, whilst human error may often miss some key issues. Concerns around cybersecurity are well-founded, and loss of data or external breaches can have devastating effects. The time trying to tackle this while managing the day-to-day of IT systems and its people becomes a problem in itself.

How Toshiba Solutions can Help

By removing any pain points of your IT infrastructure, Toshiba helps to release time to focus on higher value, core business activities. As a result, businesses have more time to work on operational efficiency and can ultimately become more agile. Our team will provide managed IT support through unexpected scenarios, such as cyber-attacks and data loss, releasing the pressure of such a situation on internal teams. Alongside offering better business continuity, you’ll have confidence that technology is always up to date and secure. Our partnership approach combines this with reliable support and expert resources always readily available.

We understand that every business has different needs, and take time to evaluate existing processes for improvement. A Toshiba managed IT solution is designed to focus on the services you require, rather than off-the-shelf or passed-through. We want to make customers feel comfortable with stepping away from what you’re used to, safe in the knowledge our experts care about a discovery-led approach whilst building a strong relationship.


Maintain the systems your business relies on

Our Managed IT Services can be tailored to your needs in order to support your work environment; wherever you need us, our team is committed to helping you in any way we can. 

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