Oathall Community College

Oathall Community College has installed eye-catching digital signage and interactive touch solutions at its premises in West Sussex, fully installed and managed by Toshiba.

Toshiba's Display Screens Make School Life Smarter

Oathall Community College has installed eye-catching digital signage and interactive touch solutions at its premises in West Sussex, fully installed and managed by Toshiba. The digital signage provides engaging information about forthcoming events and curriculum information, along with other news and updates. The screens have had a really positive impact on pupil and staff engagement levels and have led to an enhanced modern image for the school which helps attract students and parents alike.

Improving communications

Incorporating software from specialist CMS (Content Management System) providers SignStix, the Toshiba display screens offer a convenient and cost-effective way of meeting the complex requirements that all modern education establishments have for timely distribution of information. To better communicate with students and staff, Oathall Community College has installed these versatile and innovative display solutions throughout its premises in strategic locations, especially those that have high footfall.

Investing in the future

The school started a multi-million-pound renovation project for the science and mathematics block in summer 2017, which was completed in readiness for the start of term in September 2018. As part of the investment, the school made the decision to use interactive touch screens and digital signage, so they contacted Toshiba.

Two video wall installations, each comprising three individual screens, have been fitted in stairwells that provide readily accessible class-specific information and details of upcoming events. The stairwell locations for the screens were chosen because of the high footfall during breaks when pupils and staff are moving between rooms.

“Having display screens in the areas where most people circulate has truly transformed the school,” said Edward Rodriguez, Head Teacher at Oathall Community College. “The screens are now a key part of our operations and integral to the way we do things. Pupils pay increased attention to notices and we find that the screens are so much more effective than traditional methods at getting messages across. The display solutions have been carefully configured to suit the available space and our operating requirements – and we are very proud of the results!”

A further four screens have been installed high up in the foyer of the oldest part of the school, which dates back to 1938 - an area fondly known as ‘Piccadilly Circus’ by the staff and students. These screens can be programmed to work independently, or together, and are principally used by the English and humanities faculties. They typically show subject-specific information, such as the rolling programme from the English department which is updated every week. They are also used to advertise forthcoming events in the school.

A 55-inch screen has also been set up in the reception area. This screen is programmed to welcome guests and communicate upcoming events. The school finds the screen to be particularly effective in reception where it makes a positive first impression and helps to create a professional and welcoming environment.

The school is also utilising a large interactive touch screen mounted on a mobile stand that can be wheeled between rooms. It has Windows 10 built-in and offers access to Microsoft Office applications and Windows Apps such as whiteboard software. It is most often used for presentation purposes and giving interactive and engaging demonstrations.

“The interactive touch screen is a great way of presenting information and ideas during meetings or lessons. It’s very easy to use without any complicated cables or software. The image and sound quality is impressive, and we find that everyone pays attention when we use it!” enthused Mr Rodriguez.

For the screens used as digital signage, the SignStix CMS makes the process of deploying content easy and enjoyable. SignStix is an intuitive digital tool that allows end-users to easily create, edit, manage, deploy and report on digital content in real-time. As it is cloud-based, there is no requirement to download special software.

The screens deployed at Oathall Community College are robust and can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations. As standard, they have a removable receiver, and secure USB socket ensuring the screens are tamper proof.

“We are pleased to have provided a display solution that accurately meets the needs of the college,” said Deyon Antoine, Product Manager at Toshiba. “The education sector is very important for us and we work hard to support schools’ digital ambitions for better and more engaging communications.”

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