Case Study: LCF Law

Reliable and fast Toshiba multifunction devices, combined with a centralised print solution, enable successful law firm to accelerate agile working strategy and future-proof in line with document management objectives.

LCF Law partner with Toshiba's Business Partner, Nuvem Solutions, to deliver a managed print service

LCF Law are an established law firm with offices in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and Ilkley offering a wide range of business and personal legal services. Their vision is to be the best firm in Yorkshire and aim to achieve this by always providing practical and valuable advice with clarity and great service. They have a mission to deliver legal services which meet or exceed client expectations, to communicate clearly, listen to clients and act in accordance with agreed instructions, timescales and budgets.

Managed Print Services

Drive genuine and measurable improvement with Managed Print Services (MPS) and start your journey towards efficiency. Businesses that work with Toshiba transform the way they capture, manage, display and share information.

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A service wrap around

LCF Law advisors pride themselves on taking the time to listen to their customers finding the right solutions for their legal challenges. The company takes the same approach with the suppliers that they chose to partner with, preferring to work with those that understand their business and how they operate. When the lease on their printing fleet was due to expire, LCF Law took a due diligence approach, inviting suppliers to tender for the renewal. Once they had rationalised the vendors to a shortlist, they invited each to provide a proof of concept unit, giving staff the opportunity to test the devices in terms of quality of print, scan and colour match, James Hood, IT Director explained the process, “We wanted to award the new contract based on 3 criteria, quality and functionality of the MFPs, commercial propositions and service capability of the supplier. The first two being quite easy to benchmark and the third based more on our relationship with the supplier and their approach. Even from our initial conversations, it was clear that Nuvem Solutions had a good understanding of the printing requirements of the legal sector, a willingness to find out about our specific workflows and the ability to make suggestions that they thought could help us improve efficiency, across the business. Some of the other potential partners simply wanted to sell us ‘Photocopiers’.”

Intelligent solutions for document lifecycle management

Following the results of the trials, the Toshiba MFPs were clear overall winners, combining the quality of print, functionality, speed and reliability needed for a busy law firm, with the lowest cost of ownership over the period of the contract. Dan Lancaster Director at Nuvem Solutions talked about the importance of understanding the customer, “At Nuvem we don’t operate at a transactional level, we know that every vertical and customer is different, our philosophy is to gain proper knowledge on how each department and site use their printing solution and then we can make appropriate recommendations based on cost reductions and efficiency improvements.

We can also build in enhancements and advice to help the customer plan for the future. For LCF Law, still heavily reliant on printing, they wanted a platform that would enable them to develop their document management lifecycle and ultimately increase scanning usage whilst minimising administration time. We installed Toshiba MFPs with PaperCut software, so their devices would be future proofed and adaptable.”

Multiple MFPs were installed across the 4 sites, giving staff members the flexibility to be agile and print securely on-demand, with the additional peace of mind in knowing that they have multiple printing options for critical documents. In an environment where time is money, being able to print documents at 50 pages per minute allows staff to work efficiently, freeing up valuable time for client-based tasks. The document management software helps LCF Law to work towards their objective of being “paper light”, encouraging staff to scan to OneDrive and SharePoint, and using electronic files where possible to replace paper options. And with the Toshiba hardware being carbon-offset to the point of delivery, it also supports the companies CSR strategy, paving the way for a more sustainable future for the community, a unique factor, that none of the other companies tendering for the contract were able to offer.


A path for the future

LCF Law now have a reliable and solid hardware platform with a centrally managed print solution that they can build on for the future. James spoke about Nuvem and the benefits of the new installation, “With Nuvem’s hands on approach; getting involved, talking to the teams, understanding how we operate; our printing fleet is now faster, reliable and has enabled our teams to work smarter, and more effectively. We have even improved the scanning speed in our busy post-room, with the removal of blank pages on PDF’s, a function that we didn’t even know existed. Most importantly we have a stable and secure structure on which to develop our printing strategy.” The company are now looking at a trial of Intuitive BI dashboards for Print and Process Management, the next step in the document management lifecycle process, making it even easier to manage the cost of printing, better understand print trends within the organisation and to provide shorter and more effective decision cycles.


"Nuvem are unique in the printing arena, they know the solutions inside out, understand the verticals and take a deep delve into your business to see what the technology needs to achieve - absolutely price-less! You can also be assured that the Toshiba MFPs they propose, are reliable, high quality with the most up-to-date functionality. We are very much looking forward to working with Nuvem and Toshiba in the future as we take the next steps with our document management systems."

James Hood, IT Director, LCF Law

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