Case Study: Inspirited Gin

February 5, 2020

The Gin marketplace has exploded over the last few years, with the popularity of new flavours and small batch unique blends being seen in every bar and supermarket across the country. Inspirited Gin, the idea of Lawrence Nicholson, Director, is a brand with a difference. “We wanted to be an artisan distillery bringing a unique approach to the consumer, offering a fun, creative experience.”

Inspirited is the personalised alcohol gin gifting experience, customers via the on-line store, can tailor their gin flavours to their own specific requirements. Customers have a choice of 35 different botanicals, their choices are then distilled, creating a bespoke gin completely unique to the customer.

A tasty tips section, gives the customer a guide to what flavours work together and the website offers a step by step guide through the different stages of the journey. “We want our customers to have a fun and creative experience making gin and whilst we want to help our customers with their choices as much as possible, ultimately we want to facilitate true freedom of flavour exploration,” commented Lawrence.


To enhance the product Lawrence also wanted to provide a customised label, with the ability for customers to have a personalised message on the bottle, ideal for gifts and presents. “We are very passionate and proud of our brand and this is reflected in the style of our bottles, labels and packaging. We use a high-quality, soft touch label with foil overlays.”

Inspirited Gin needed a quality reliable label printing solution to personalise their labels that would give the same consistent output for every product they produced. After contacting The Barcode Warehouse they were recommended the Toshiba Tec B-EX4T1 4inch industrial printer. As an Authorised Business Partner of Toshiba Tec products, The Barcode Warehouse has a comprehensive knowledge of the Toshiba Tec range, and was confident that the B-EX4T1 would be an ideal solution for Inspirited Gin’s requirements.

“Our expertise is Gin not labels, commented Lawrence, so we looked to an expert in the labelling field to provide a solution that would be easy to use and install, deliver quality over printed labels that could be customised quickly with different messages and text.”

The solution

Following discussions with The Barcode Warehouse, the Toshiba Tec B-EX4T1 series of industrial printers was recommended, combining, functionality and enhanced operation, with serviceability and truly green credentials. Reliability and performance usually come at a cost but, with the B-EX4T1 series, premium capabilities come as standard, essentially lowering initial capital outlay and future-proofing investment. B-EX4T1 has a long life print head, reducing running costs. Features also include: side opening; double ribbon motor control; automatic centre media loading; near-edge or flat print head; optional ribbon save (which Inspirited have opted for); BCI (Basic Command Interpreter) compatibility; emulation functionality.

With the Toshiba Tec B-EX4T1 solution, up and running, Inspirited Gin can quickly and efficiently print high quality unique labels tailored to the customer specific requirements, including the actual ingredients that the customer chose to make Gin.They can even use their own individual font, exclusive to the brand, through the bartender software that comes as standard with the product.

The brand launched in November 19, and has been using the label printers though out the hectic Christmas period, “We could not believe how busy we were, as a new distillery over the Christmas period,” commented Lawrence, “Customers seem to love our unique approach to Gin making. The Toshiba Tec printers were robust and reliable delivering quality printing on every single label produced, making our jobs a lot easier over such a demanding period.Not only that but they offer a real cost saving with their “ribbon save” feature, allowing us to maximise our return on investment and minimise our spend on ribbons.”

The future

Inspirited Gin has big plans for the future, recently receiving their AWRS licence they can now sell their product to bars and shops, and are looking to also expand into the corporate gift marketplace. Lawrence commented on the future, “We know we have the right product for our future expansion plans, but can also be confident that our label printers have the capability to support the demands of the business. We have a flexible, future-proofed low cost solution, which is reliable and consistent, I would not hesitate to recommend Toshiba Tec printers to other companies.”