Business Process Automation

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Stuart Plumbing

Sector: Services

With Toshiba business process automation solutions, Authorised Business Partner Printsense, automate accounts payable processes for expanding plumbing and heating merchants, saving 40% in processing time.

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Hercules Site Services

Sector: Construction

By digitising their Accounts Payable procedure, Hercules Site Services have improved efficiency, reduced manual processes, increased auditability and made significant savings on paper usage.

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Lion Hudson

Sector: Media

Independent publisher, Lion Hudson, finds a robust document management solution with the help of Toshiba, helping provide a seamless and transparent operation for its accounts team.

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Looking to Optimise your Processes?

Implementing process optimisation is essential for a streamlined business. Through the digitisation and automation of everyday document workflow activities, you can enhance operational effectiveness and save your business time, resources, and money. What’s more, by automating workflows with recognition technology and metadata, organisational processes are enhanced, and the retrieval of documents becomes secure, structured, and cost-effective.

Business Process Automation
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