Print Consumables – The Perfect Fit

Toshiba offers a wide range of branded consumables, designed and manufactured to work in conjunction with our extensive range of barcode and label printers. They have been geared to the needs of the different printing technologies to enhance the overall print quality and result in the best possible document output.

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A Solution for Every Market

Toshiba consumables provide a printing application across almost every market and industry. For example, in the healthcare sector, printing demands have never been higher and a reliable, high quality solution is a must. Similarly, the retail industry’s requirements have changed, and a product that helps them adapt to the changing supply chain needs of the consumer, is crucial to a successful future. Our team of experts can recommend the right consumables to work with the most demanding or niche applications and markets:

  • Retail: Solutions for mobile POS, shelf labelling, price markdown and promotional labelling
  • Transport and Logistics: Multiple applications across the warehouse environment such as shipping, tracking, invoicing and delivery notes
  • Manufacturing: Consumables for product labelling, pallet labelling, ‘print and apply’ requirements, RFID identification and validated labels
  • Healthcare: High quality print solutions for mobile pharmacies, patient IDs and lab sample tracking requirements
  • Public services | Printing solutions for traffic wardens, police and public transport services

Toshiba Approved Print Ribbons

Our ribbons are the perfect choice for your business. Exclusively designed under our reliable brand, with stringent tests to ensure only the best possible performance gains approval.

Benefits of using Toshiba approved ribbons include: 

  • Consistent print quality and performance
  • Reduced wear on your print heads and extend the life of your barcode and label printers
  • Increase print efficiency and productivity with long-length ribbons (up to 800 m for some printer models)
  • A wide range of qualities and sizes to match the requirement of any application, and available for express delivery

Our approved ribbons are available in different grades to suit multiple business and application requirements:

  • Wax: Our range of wax ribbons are designed to meet the varied and demanding labelling standards. The premium grade wax is the versatile choice that will print onto a wide range of label stocks to provide clear, sharp printed images of text and barcodes.
  • Resin Enhanced Wax: Offering excellent print density with superior smudge resistance, this premium choice offers unparalleled print head protection – more than 10 times the industry standard. This quality is ideal for swing tags, tickets and all general label printing.
  • Wax Resin: The ideal solution for all retail labelling, apparel, swing tags, outdoor applications or any print job that needs a good level of quality printed information. Toshiba wax resin formulations will withstand weather extremes making them perfect for garden centres or builder’s yards.
  • Premium Wax Resin: Our premium wax resin qualities offer the same levels of printing excellence as our standard wax resin, but with added smudge, mechanical and solvent resistance. Ideal for pharmaceutical and manufacturing label printing.
  • Resin: Our standard resin qualities are PE, PE and PET compatible, designed to cover all harsh environmental conditions and applications. Certified to UL and BS5609 standards they are used in chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and electrical industries offering high levels of resistance to heat, solvents, scratching, smudging and some detergents.
  • Premium Resin: These premium qualities can offer extra resistance to heat (the printed image will withstand temperatures up to 250ºC), solvents, and other harsh chemicals. As with all Toshiba ribbon qualities, the back coating will offer exceptional print head protection.


Toshiba Print Ribbons – The Environmentally Conscious Choice

Toshiba designs and manufactures all products with the environment in mind. By focusing on efficiency, our ribbons are built to produce the best printing results for longer. This helps to reduce any packaging waste during production and distribution, minimising delivery costs and transportation requirements.

Toshiba’s full range of consumable products meet the current EU Directives for Health and Safety; RoHS; REACH; Banned Substances and Waste and Packaging.

Read more about our sustainable practices.

Additional Consumables

Our versatile consumables offer an easy-to-use solution while providing the best quality results available.

Alongside our range of approved ribbons, we offer a number of additional and versatile consumables to complement and enhance the printing range. Easy-to-use, these solutions provide the best quality results available. These include:

  • Cleaning materials
  • RFID tags
  • Linerless and dual-sided materials
  • Wristbands
  • Bespoke and off-the shelf labels


Compatible Products – A False Economy

There will undoubtedly be cheaper compatible products, in the marketplace. In printing, inferior quality consumables cost more in the longer term, wearing down and causing damage to the printhead, ultimately increasing the downtime of the printer itself.

Toshiba branded consumables are designed to work in conjunction with our range of barcode and label printing products. With years and years of development behind our products, our ribbons provide the best possible results while minimising damage to the printhead. This maximises the life of Toshiba printers and lowers the overall cost of ownership of the product. Toshiba ribbons are the recommended choice. Genuine products can be easily identified by the red Toshiba logo on the leader.


A Consultative Approach with Toshiba 

We understand that every market and application is different, our barcode team will take the time to listen to the business process and recommend the right printer with the best fit consumables to give the best quality printed result every time.

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