Toshiba industrial printers - Ready when you need them

Keeping industry running requires a multitude of different labels – from pallet and container labelling as well as parts, product and carton labelling. At the same time global supply shortages can put in danger the entire process if any of the printers are not available. Printing pallet labels or other large format labels requires a wide web printer. Toshiba understands these needs and throughout these difficult times has endeavoured to maintain the availability of industrial printers. Whether you need 4” or 6” industrial label printers, insist on Toshiba.

Industrial 6" wide web labelling

  • Super durable with the highest productivity
  • Save time and money with ribbon save technology
  • Near edge printing technology for highest reliability
  • Super long ribbon length for improved autonomy
  • 203 or 305 dpi version with near edge or flat head


Verticals and Applications

Manufacturing: Carton labels, Rating labels, Picking labels, Parts labels, Pallet labels and more.

T&L: Shipping/Receiving labels, Address labels, Pallet labels and more.

Retail: Distribution labels, Price labels, Shelf tags and more.

B-EX6T barcode printer series

Keep the industry in action with the 6-inch B-EX6 wide web label printer. With its renowned reliability and long-life print heads, costly downtimes are a thing of the past. Both, the long-life near edge and flat print head printer versions ensure that your running costs are kept to a minimum, while the built-in anti-ribbon-wrinkle technology ensures high quality readable barcodes no matter how much you produce day in, day out. The clever design of the bi-fold side cover enables the quick and easy replacement of labels and ribbons even in narrow work environments. Additionally you can maximise your production with print speeds of up to 12 inches per second.


A complete range of products to meet your industry's needs

Our printers are designed to meet your volume requirements while delivering unbeatable value for your investment. At Toshiba, we understand your needs, which is why we offer a complete lineup of industrial printers. 

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