Supporting your work environment with Toshiba barcode printing solutions

Toshiba’s barcode printing solutions are easy to use, scalable and flexible. Our barcode label printers help a wide range of industries operate more productively and efficiently, with solutions for the broadest range of applications and markets.

From robust, portable label printers through to industrial-level applicators, our barcode printing technology is designed with the functionality to keep your workplace and products moving. We can recommend and tailor the right barcode printing solution for your business, no matter how diverse the requirements.

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Our Barcode Printing Solutions Portfolio

Barcode and Label Printers

A range of barcode and label print devices to keep the workplace moving and ensure a wide variety of industries operate more productively and efficiently. From entry level to high performance, all are easy to use. And with long lasting print heads, they are low maintenance with a low total cost of operation. Each one is designed for scalability and flexibility, so you can find the right fit for any of your business needs.

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Barcode and Labelling Software

Softwre to enhance your Toshiba barcode and label printer, allowing you to create and print any type of professional label, as well as manage your devices across networks.

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Barcode Print Solutions for a Wide Range of Markets

Our portfolio of barcode products, enables us to provide printing solutions to multiple industry sectors. Our portable label printers are ideal for dynamic environments where responsive and flexible solutions are required. Alongside our mobile barcode printers, Toshiba offers printer solutions for a wider range of industry sectors through desktop, mid-range and industrial products. Compact and efficient desktop printers for quick, professional quality labels in a variety of office environments. Our larger mid-range and industrial barcode printers are ideally suited to applications that require a robust, durable and high-speed all-in-one solution. 

Examples of markets and applications:

  • Retail: Mobile POS, shelf labelling, price markdown and promotional labelling
  • Transport and Logistics: Multiple applications across the warehouse environment such as shipping, tracking, invoicing and delivery notes
  • Manufacturing: Product labelling; pallet labelling; print and apply: RFID identification; validated labels
  • Healthcare: Mobile pharmacies, patient IDs and lab sample tracking


Industrial Labelling

Keep your industry running

Our complete lineup of industrial barcode and label printers is designed to meet your label volume requirements, providing exceptional value for your investment. Innovative features like ribbon save and long length ribbons drastically cut your costs and improve efficiency. Keep your industry running by opting for printers that truly meet your needs.

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Label Automation

Unleash the power of automation

Imagine a label printing process that's not just fast but highly efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. Our automated labelling system, APLEX, is designed to streamline your operations and bring your business to new heights. Migrate easily from manual to automatic labelling and embrace the power of automation.

Suitable for a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing based environments due to its design, performance, and low cost of ownership.

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Sustainable Printing Solutions

Toshiba designs its printing devices to be as efficient and eco-conscious as possible, and we work with our customers to provide sustainable print solutions and services designed to minimise the environmental impact of printing. This is not only reflected in our product range, with Linerless solutions to reduce waste and create a cleaner and safer workplace, but also with our thermal transfer ribbons, manufactured with non-harmful components to reduce environmental footprint. We also maximise sustainability in every part of our business from packaging and logistics to marketing and servicing, working towards our objectives of lowering emissions and helping both biodiversity and the environment.

Linerless Labelling: Simple and Effective

Toshiba linerless printers can print on adhesive labels with no backing paper, reducing waste and keeping the working environment safe and clean. By matching printer hardware together with our linerless label material, Toshiba has created a fully flexible print solution to suit almost any label print requirement.

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One-stop Shop for Barcode Printing

Toshiba supports your label printing needs through excellent products, market-leading consumables and ongoing service. Our barcode printers are user friendly and easy to integrate into existing systems. Emulation technology enables connecting to other products and systems, without the need for updating and changing drivers or software.

Our printing solutions are built on unique technology, and support various options and accessories to customise each product to individual needs. Some key features include:

  • Near-edge head technology: To minimise wear on the print head
  • Automatic resolution detection: For easy switching between print heads
  • Dual-sided print technology: Printing on both sides of the label simultaneously for improved efficiency
  • Anti-ribbon-wrinkle: To ensure high quality readable barcodes
  • Ribbon save functionality: Reducing ribbon consumption
  • Longest ribbon in the marketplace: Less user intervention and ribbon changes

All our printers can be managed centrally using the supplied SNMP software, making status checks and other remote settings tasks available in real-time from a single access point.

Ribbon Economy

Toshiba has developed a unique ‘ribbon save’ technology, saving up to 75% on ribbon consumption. As the non-printable area of a label is reached, the print head will raise itself as the ribbon motor stops to save on ribbon.

We also provide market leading consumables – an 800m ribbon ensures a long-lasting product that minimises intervention from the user. This saves time and money reducing the frequency of changing ribbons and reduces any interruption in your business flow.

The Toshiba Difference

Providing printing solutions to solve business pain-points is at the heart of Toshiba’s technology design. Through offering economic and sustainable products, Toshiba can help you stay ahead of the market with cost-effective and efficient solutions.

  • An instinctive approach: Proactively reduce manual processes and enhance operational productivity across multiple industry sectors
  • Tailor-made: A suite of customisable solutions to fit specific requirements across a range of printing applications
  • Fast, accurate and eco-friendly: Straightforward technology that supports environmental strategies whilst maintaining workplace agility


Maximise efficiency throughout the labelling process

Our barcode printing solutions support your work environment, wherever you need us and our team is committed to helping you in any way we can. We are a one-stop-shop for everything involved in barcode label printing, helping you achieve a streamlined process without the risk of costly errors and bottlenecks that prevent your products and people from moving forward.

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