Get more out of your multifunction systems

With Toshiba e-BRIDGE Plus technology, you can add new features and enhancements as easily as you would apps on your smartphone. Productive, intuitive and always up to date, these apps will further improve your document handling without the need for additional infrastructure. Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Plus technology is pure plug & play, allowing you to seamlessly integrate these clever apps into the intuitive user interface of all our e-BRIDGE systems. Say goodbye to external servers and cumbersome configurations, and simplify complicated, frequently used operations – simply install and immediately enjoy the many benefits of the innovative Plus apps.

Whether you want to scan directly to your cloud storage solution or keep a closer eye on your environmental impact, there’s an app for that! Toshiba offers a full range of e-BRIDGE Plus apps designed to help you get the most out of your Toshiba devices whilst minimising set up time. All of our apps are plug and play and we are constantly developing more of them to solve the problems you haven’t thought of yet.

For detailed information on all our embedded apps, visit our app site.

For How-to videos on our embedded apps, visit YouTube.