Software applications that meet your specific needs

To meet the different needs of the various companies across many industries, we offer a large array of software applications. With information being the heart of your business, our software solutions cover all steps of the information flow in your company, optimising its creation, usage, storage and accessibility. Needless to say that all our software solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing IT environment and are easy to administrate.

Find out how Toshiba helps you streamline your document workflows and automate complex processes.

<b>Embedded Apps</b> | <a href="what-we-offer/software-solutions/embedded-apps">Find out more</a>

Embedded Apps | Find out more

<b>Print Management</b> | <a href="what-we-offer/software-solutions/print-management/">Find out more</a>

Print Management | Find out more

<b>Capture & OCR</b> | <a href="what-we-offer/software-solutions/capture-and-ocr">Find out more</a>

Capture & OCR | Find out more

<b>Device Management & Authentication</b> | <a href="what-we-offer/software-solutions/device-management-and-authentication">Find out more</a>

Device Management & Authentication | Find out more

<b>Process Optimisation</b> | <a href="what-we-offer/software-solutions/process-optimisation/">Find out more</a>

Process Optimisation | Find out more

<b>Bardcode Software</b> | <a href="what-we-offer/software-solutions/software-solutions-barcode-software/">Find out more</a>

Bardcode Software | Find out more