Healthcare Sector

Always under the spotlight to manage costs and improve efficiencies, with customer care as the primary objective, healthcare organisations can look to Toshiba solutions to directly improve measurable objectives such as service levels and patient care outcomes.

  • Enhance patient experience
  • Protection of data
  • Workflow optimisation and accuracy
  • Improve processes and patient safety
  • Easy integration into existing systems


Toshiba’s comprehensive range of printing solutionsns directly improve measurable objectives, such as service levels and patient care outcomes. These solutions have been designed to specifically enhance the patient experience and improve internal processes and patient safety, whilst ensuring that they are easy to integrate into existing systems, protect data, and ultimately optimise workflows and the accuracy of information. Designed for easy integration into existing systems, Toshiba's range of innovative technology is already widely used in a diverse range of applications throughout the sector, with proven operational benefits.

We’ve helped hospitals achieve real cost savings of up to 30% (by reducing operating costs – reducing wastage; saving time and increasing efficiency) through the implementation of tailored solutions in areas such as:

  • Mobile ward based dispensing 
  • Dispensary and production printing
  • Patient record management
  • Document handling
  • Secure office printing

"Delivering sustainable high quality clinical care, offering an exceptional experience for our patients and creating a great place for our staff to work are amongst our key objectives as an organisation. Any technology that can help us achieve a better level of service is welcomed by us and the Toshiba portable printing solution firmly fits into this category."
- Martin Shepherd, Chief Pharmacist at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

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