Combining the features and functionality of the established B-EX range the B-EX4T2 series, has the added benefits of flat head technology, left edge aligned media and an 800m, the longest ribbon in the marketplace which means fewer media changes and equals a lower cost of ownership. The range is ideally suited to ‘no-nonsense’ replacement of competitor estates and are available in a variety of resolutions for the most diverse industrial printing applications.

  • Cost-effective, for legacy system replacement
  • High-specification, high-throughput, high-performance and extremely durable
  • Flat head for compatibility with competitor estates
  • 600dpi print resolution models
  • USB and Ethernet as standard; serial, parallel, USB host and WLAN are optional





  1. *Specialist ribbon


Toshiba thermal transfer ribbons are relied on by business the world over to produce vital high quality labels for every application. Toshiba ribbons are available in various grades to suit virtually any application in every market, from mass produced short-term label printing and RFID tags, up to highly specialised identification techniques using advanced resin products.

Ribbons for Products

PART NO. WTH (mm) LTH (m) Box /   MOQ
Premium Wax 600M standard length       
BEX60060AW6F 60 600 20
BEX60083AW6F 83
BEX60090AW6F 90
BEX60110AW6F 110
Premium Wax 450M option       
BEX45060AW6F 60 450 50
BEX45083AW6F 83
BEX45090AW6F 90
BEX45110AW6F 110
WAX - resin enhanced premium performance      
BEX60060SW1 60 600 10
BEX60083SW1 83
BEX60090SW1 90
BEX60110SW1 110
Above are available in 450M as an option      
WAX RESIN - Smearless qualities      
BEX60060AG3 60 600 10
BEX60083AG3 83
BEX60090AG3 90
BEX60110AG3 110
BEX60060SG3F 60 600 10
BEX60083SG3F 83
BEX60090SG3F 90
BEX60110SG3F 110
BEX60060SG3F 60 600 10
BEX60083SG3F 83
BEX60090SG3F 90
BEX60110SG3F 110
RESIN - Scratch/Solvent resistant qualities      
BEX60060AS1F 60 600 10
BEX60083AS1F 83
BEX60090AS1F 90
BEX60110AS1F 110
BEX60060SS3F 60 600 10
BEX60083SS3F 83
BEX60090SS3F 90
BEX60110SS3F 110


A range of white, self-adhesive labels available “off the shelf” in low volume quantities. In both thermal transfer and direct thermal.