For fast, thermal transfer, on-demand labelling and ticketing direct from your desktop, the compact and rugged B-EV4 series has been designed to produce professional labels quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Ideally suited for low to medium volume printing applications, such as retail point of sale, shelf labelling, product marking, healthcare, inventory management and shipping and receiving.

  • Design and print straight from a PC
  • Slots straight into existing systems
  • 203 or 300dpi print resolution models
  • Affordable printing with high quality performance
  • Approved Toshiba thermal ribbons in a variety of grades and qualities





Software Connectivity



Toshiba thermal transfer ribbons are relied on by business the world over to produce vital high quality labels for every application. Toshiba ribbons are available in various grades to suit virtually any application in every market, from mass produced short-term label printing and RFID tags, up to highly specialised identification techniques using advanced resin products.

Ribbons for Products

 B-EV4T and B-FV4T (1/2" core ribbons)

PART NO. WTH (mm) LTH (m) Box / MOQ
WAX - standard with new improved ink formulation      
BEV10055AW6F 55 100 25
BEV10110AW6F 110
WAX - Resin enhanced premium performance      
BEV10055FW1 55 100 10
BEV10065FW1 65
BEV10083FW1 83
BEV10110FW1 110
WAX RESIN - Smearless qualities      
BEV10055AG3 55 100 25
BEV10110AG3 110
BEV10055FG4 55 10
BEV10065FG4 65
BEV10083FG4 83
BEV10110FG4 110
RESIN - Scratch/Solvent resistant qualities      
BEV10055AS1 55 100 25
BEV10110AS1 110
BEV10055FS1 55 10
BEV10065FS1 65
BEV10083FS1 83
BEV10110FS1 110


A range of white, self-adhesive labels available “off the shelf” in low volume quantities. In both thermal transfer and direct thermal.