Key Specifications

Dimensions 705 (H) x 364 (W) x 585 (D) mm
Interface USB 2.0, Ethernet
Network Tool SNMP
Application Method Direct tamp / Tamp blow (stationary or moving carton)
Label Application "Up to 30 labels/min. Min.: 25x25 mm - Max.: 116x200 mm (Ask for special applications"
Piston Stroke Applicator "Max. 400 mm - useful 250 mm Auto height detection - Package flexibility (variable height carton / product)"
Working Modes Print+Apply / Print+Wait up/down +Apply
Air Pressure 4-6 bars / tube Ø8 mm, includes internal air filter
In/Out Signals "Print / Apply / Inhibition / Test button / Ready / Error - status light (option) / Working"
Security Signals Perimeter / Presence of hand (option
Std. Fixing System Tube Ø50 mm diameter
Optional Interface Parallel, serial, wireless LAN, RTC & USB host