Green Business

Toshiba promotes environmental management, focusing on environmental issues as one of its top priorities. Active in corporate and social responsibility and the need to protect the environment, we regularly invest in projects, technology and people to do our part in making the world a greener, healthier and safer place in which to work and live.

We endeavor to serve the needs of all people, especially our customers, by implementing forward-looking corporate strategies while carrying out responsible and responsive business activities. Within our client discovery processes we help our customers understand how they can reduce their own environmental impact and reduce/eliminate wastage within the document lifecycle. We provide environmental reporting within our management information so that the results of our joint efforts can be shared to support customer’s own initiatives. We can also include Environment Schedules in contracts covering compliance such as RoHS, WEEE (for disposal of equipment) and Environmental Management to ISO14001 standards.

When it comes to our managed print installations, our Carbon Zero scheme allows us to deliver carbon neutral print environments to our clients, offsetting the carbon footprint of a device. This offset covers all production, manufacturing and transportation from source to you. We are also able to extend this to cover other business functions and help customers achieve their wider carbon reduction goals.

From a CSR perspective, we can extend the Carbon Zero scheme to help our customers fund special projects, predominantly in East Africa, that deliver social and community benefits and help us enrich the lives of others through our own work. Here are images from a project we supported at Muhaka Secondary School in Kenya on behalf of a customer, where a kitchen block was built with three large energy efficient stoves to generate a significant carbon saving and provide education opportunities for hundreds of children in the area:

Muhaka School