Brazilian Forestry Project

Location: Colniza Municipality, Mato Grosso, part of the Brazilian Amazon
Type: Avoided Deforestation
Standard: Verified Carbon Standard

Carbon Savings
The project is located within the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil and is based around the protection of the forest through avoided deforestation and sustainable forestry management. The protection of the rainforest avoids the release of carbon emissions, with the trees acting as a natural sponge, absorbing carbon dioxide emissions as they grow. As well as carbon savings it supports the Amazon’s rich biodiversity of plants and wildlife.

The Region
This region is part of the Brazilian Amazon and known as Deforestation Arch, due to the intense deforestation pressure. The deforestation pressure in the State of Mato Grosso became then mostly the result of illegal land-grabbing by the invasion of private lands, using to such objective logging, slash-and-burning and cattle-ranching.

The Florestal Santa Maria aims to combat this through the sustainable forestry management of 71,714 ha. of native forest. The project has developed technical forestry schools targeting education of local youngsters as well as working with the neighbouring State Park to develop initiatives to create local forest fire brigades.

Social & Community Benefit

  • Job creation through sustainable forestry management
  • Protection of the forest that supports a way of life for the local inhabitants, both human and animal
  • Training of forest fire brigades
  • New income sources through the sustainable exploitation of non-wood products such as fruits and essences.

This project has been conducted under the strict guidelines and validation process of the Verified Carbon Standard and the Forestry Stewardship Council

Brazilian Forestry Project