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Sustainability is a core part of our corporate philosophy and everything we do is aimed at achieving a low-carbon, recycling-based society.

Sustainability Management

As a global company, we have a global responsibility to set clear, obtainable objectives that include lowering emissions and helping both biodiversity and the environment.

Environmentally Conscious Products

We use our insights as a manufacturing company to reduce a product’s environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. By sourcing eco-friendly materials, reducing energy consumption and banning certain chemical substances, we systematically improve the green credentials of our products. We also maximise sustainability in every part of our business from packaging and logistics to marketing and servicing.

Sustainability Awareness

We couldn’t do this without the help of every employee. So we place huge importance on environmental education, awareness campaigns and active, wide-scale promotion of internal and external environmental activities.

Green Business

We regularly invest in projects, technology and people to help make the world a greener, healthier and safer place to work and live. We can also help our customers understand how they can reduce their own environmental impact and reduce waste.

All Toshiba production facilities are certified to the international standard ISO14001:2008 and further to this, our company is fully compliant with the ISO14001:2008 standard. This voluntary commitment to maintaining environmental management programmes guarantees that all Toshiba products and activities are produced and carried out in line with the strictest environmental criteria, which allows for improved waste management, reduction in consumption of energies and materials and improved distribution impact.

As part of our commitment, we are working towards PAS 2060 accreditation through a series of frameworks and programmes including lower emission vehicles, annually offsetting all CO2 emissions from our company’s energy consumption and travel use and through the implementation of greener technologies. PAS 2060 has been developed by the British Standards Institute to help organisations achieve and demonstrate carbon neutrality within business activities

Our Carbon Zero Scheme

We’re refreshingly proactive about improving the air we all breathe. At Toshiba TEC we have devised a scheme which enables us to offset the CO2 emissions of all our products by investing in projects that save or absorb an equivalent amount of this greenhouse gas. This means our emissions are balanced to become ‘Carbon Zero’, which in turn means we can all breathe easy, safe in the knowledge that we’re helping your business without harming the environment.

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Our sustainability whitepaper discusses the considerations when minimising the impact of your organisation's technology infrastructure, including the cost of implementation, the impact of useful life and waste products.