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Toshiba events are designed to bring its Authorised Business Partners the latest insights, education, innovation and social networking opportunities.

Join our events to learn from industry experts, connect and collaborate with peers, see the latest products, and keep up to date with the latest industry news.

Future events:

As a taster of the type of events we run, previous events have included:

  • Toshiba Visual Communications, April 2018
    An insight into visual communications as a business service, looking at the full scope of services that can be created, including hardware, software, design, installation and support services. Akin to MFP services, we position visual communications in an aligned way where the output of data is visual, opposed to printed and the customer engagement is mirrored from current methods. 
  • GDPR Forum, January 2018
  • Lead 2017 Conference, November 2017
  • Karting Cup Challenge 2017, July 2017
  • Conversational Analytics Workshop, June 2017
  • Product Roadshows, June 2017
  • Business Forum: Values-Based Leadership, October 2016