Top 4 Reasons to Opt for In-House Colour Label Printing

August 29, 2023

From branding to product safety, colour labels convey important information to consumers, making it vital for businesses to have seamless colour labelling processes in place. Many choose to outsource their printing and opt for pre-printed colour labels, but this can be a costly, wasteful, and inefficient approach.

The alternative? An in-house operation, powered by a versatile industrial colour label printer. There’s a lot to weigh up: Is it cost-effective? How much productivity can be gained? Can you achieve a professional finish?

Keep reading to see the key benefits of investing in a colour printer, for a more agile and efficient labelling operation, in-house!

1/ Greater Flexibility

Investing in an industrial colour label printer, like Toshiba’s BC400P, allows you to print labels instantly and changeover packaging lines with ease. Quickly adjust label designs, sizes, and quantities to meet specific product requirements or respond to market demands promptly.

Perfect for just-in-time and short-run productions, the ability to print on-demand is especially beneficial for businesses with a diverse product range or those offering customisation.

If you want greater flexibility and agility, bring your labelling operation in-house.

2/ Reduced costs and downtime

Printing your own colour labels will reduce your reliance on external suppliers and all the costs involved in outsourcing. You won’t have to contend with minimum order quantities on pre-printed labels, or the risk of late deliveries or long lead times which can cause unnecessary delays in your operation.

Going in-house also reduces the risk of backorders, late shipments, unhappy customers and lost business, all of which can affect profitability and brand perception. 

It can also open up opportunities for diversification and new revenue streams: why not offer label customisation options to your customers?

3/ Reduced waste and inventory management

An outsourced approach relies heavily on a well-managed label inventory, which requires a significant amount of time, money, and precious storage space. Having the right labels in stock at the right time for the right product is often a challenge, and when bulk-buying pre-printed labels, it’s easy to incur a lot of waste.

The unpredictability of how many pre-printed labels to order often leaves you with far too many or simply not enough, and both scenarios can affect your bottom line. Any misprints, design adjustments or changes to product information can instantly make your stock unusable.

All of this can be avoided with your own colour printing solution. The versatility to adjust print quantities and label information on-demand means your labels won’t go to waste. This will improve inventory management, saving money, time, and the planet as a result. 

4/ Enhanced quality and compliance

From chemical and pharmaceutical to food and beverage, highly regulated industries can easily meet quality and compliance standards with an in-house printer. By having full control over the label production process, you can closely monitor colour accuracy, content, and adherence to regulatory requirements. Vitally important information such as expiration dates, allergens, batch codes, hazards and more, can be updated, printed and applied on-site, reducing the risk of costly errors and misprints.

Toshiba's BC400P colour label printer provides in-house labelling production with a cost-effective and durable solution, helping you to take full control of your entire on-demand colour labelling processes.

This industrial colour printer provides outstanding versatility for printing variable content with ease. Capable of handling super flexible label widths, from 25.4 mm to 120 mm, and an industry-leading print length of up to 500 mm, enables businesses to meet all their colour labelling requirements without the hassle of stocking pre-printed labels for every product.

With the BC400P you’ll get reliable full-colour results at high-speeds of 300 mm/second, with consistent and long-lasting colour stability. Super high-smudge and weather resistance, as well as UV fade resistance, gives businesess the same professional, compliant, on-brand results they expect from an outsourced production with all the added benefits of an in-house operation. Prioritise consumer safety without compromising on brand identity, to help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Are you looking to achieve a seamless labelling operation in-house?

Find out more about Toshiba’s colour labelling solution and speak to an expert about how we can help you transform your label printing processes.  

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