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  • Security Threat Prevention - Cyber security made simple

Security Threat Prevention - Cyber security made simple

July 12, 2021

Do you know how secure/vulnerable your environment is?

With the number of businesses being hit by ransomware ever-increasing, coupled with the number of new malware variants each month, it makes you wonder whether the traditional signature-based antivirus is giving you the protection you need.

Our webinar, co-hosted with H eimdal Security, is specifically tailored for SME businesses to provide education and awareness on the importance of cyber security to help protect your business.

Key topics:

  • Cyber Security and its importance
  • The complexity and consequences of the threats that are out there
  • The Growing Risk to the SME business sector from Cyber Crime
  • The key benefits of threat prevention and how to hunt, prevent and detect threats
  • Measures to strengthen your endpoint security


Watch a recording of our webinar