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  • Webinar: Security Threat Prevention - Cyber security made simple

Webinar: Security Threat Prevention - Cyber security made simple

June 10, 2021

Do you know how secure/vulnerable your environment is?

With the number of businesses being hit by ransomware ever-increasing, coupled with the number of new malware variants each month, it makes you wonder whether the traditional signature-based antivirus is giving you the protection you need.

Together with Heimdal Security, we are hosting a complimentary webinar specifically tailored for SME businesses, to provide education and awareness on the importance of cyber security to help protect your business.

It takes place on Tuesday 24 June, 11:00 - we'd be delighted if you and your colleagues are able to join us.

Key topics:

  • Cyber Security and its importance
  • The complexity and consequences of the threats that are out there
  • The Growing Risk to the SME business sector from Cyber Crime
  • The key benefits of threat prevention and how to hunt, prevent and detect threats
  • Measures to strengthen your endpoint security


If this is of interest, please click here to register.

We hope you're able to attend.