Coronavirus Business Update

July 29, 2020

We would like to inform you about the latest situation regarding our operational response to the Coronavirus outbreak now that several months have passed since the outbreak of the pandemic and UK life has started to show signs of returning to normality, with some restrictions.

Our prime aim remains to ensure we protect the health and safety of all our employees, customers and Business Partners during this unique situation.

Production – Multi-functional & Barcode Products

Our main production sites across China & Malaysia are operational, with limited impact to our supply chain, despite maintaining all in country social distancing measures. We continue to utilise air shipments over sea freight as necessary to improve lead time intakes as our business returns to more normal levels.

Delivery & Consumables Fulfilment

Both our warehouse and carrier providers continue to operate a near normal service, whilst regulating the necessary social distancing measures for safety to all their staff and customers. At this time there is no adverse impact to our delivery service schedules if the recipient is open to receive goods.

Now that many businesses have started to move their employees back to office (or other) premises, we are able to re-activate our normal automatic toner replenishment service by customer request. If your business is ready to resume this service please contact your account manager, business partner manager or our consumables team (on or 08430 500 400) to request re-activation. We politely urge our customers and business partners to consider the necessity of this, so that we can prioritise those who are truly back to full operation and need this service the most. As throughout, we continue to prioritise key worker industries such as hospitals, care homes, prisons and grocers.

Business Continuity

After a period of lockdown, during which our customer experience and service levels have remained unaffected, we are now gradually resuming normality:

  • Our advice remains for staff to work from home where possible, but now our UK offices are gradually re-opening, in a Covid-secure fashion.
  • Every decision we are making is closely following government guidelines, especially when it comes to social distancing and hygiene measures.
  • Where possible and if necessary our National Account Managers, Business Development Managers and Business Partner Managers can meet customers and partners in person (as long as distancing guidelines are followed). We do continue to advise remote interaction if viable.
  • Demonstration facilities remain possible online and continue to be delivered via remote control cameras to show the benefits of our solutions in operation.
  • Installs continue to be completed remotely wherever possible, but never at the expense of customer experience or the key requirements of the installation. In fact, feedback since the start of lockdown is that our customer experience around installs has been excellent and incredibly safe meaning many deployments have finished ahead of schedule!
  • Engineering teams remain available to support our customers and we continue to operate and report against “business as usual” service levels. We do aim to fix remotely for safety but can dispatch engineers to site where necessary or critical. When on site the engineers will practice social distancing and comply with any health and safety instructions from the client site.

In summary our main message is that we are very much open for business, remain here to support our customers and partners and are operating with negligible impact on the Toshiba customer experience that we know you all rely on. We continue to work hard to deliver excellent outcomes for our staff and customers.

Since the start of lock-down we have issued solutions and advice that are delivering real help to businesses adapting to our new world. These include:

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