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How Barcoding Solutions help to support the Healthcare Sector in the current climate

June 30, 2020

It’s safe to say that the healthcare sector has experienced significant increased demand over the past months - but before this, pressure on the sector was already rising fast. The ageing population, budget cuts and staffing shortages were being felt acutely by most healthcare organisations. The increase in the volume of patients and finite resources, means healthcare professionals are now looking to leverage technology, to improve efficiencies. Utilising barcode label printing solutions for accurate label production, ensure’s lab test samples, medication and distribution of treatments are clearly identified. Barcode label printers are needed by the healthcare sector now, more than ever.

New demands on healthcare

The pandemic has had a massive affect on healthcare systems, one that will continue well into the future, with the long-term impacts of lockdown and delaying routine care yet to be fully realised. There must be a re-imagining of the way patients enter and move through the health care system and barcoding solutions can improve this process, helping healthcare professionals in a wide range of areas, for example, inventory control, security, sample traceability, patient wristbands, labelling of patient medication, and ID equipment labels.

Predicting the months to come

Now, the sector finds itself looking to the future post-COVID. There are concerns that the increased demand on the healthcare system will exist for some time to come. The sector will be playing catch-up, trying to re-arrange routine and non-urgent appointments that were postponed in the wake of the pandemic, in addition to the screenings for critical conditions, which have been delayed due to the acute pressures on hospitals and clinics.

Ultimately, this means that healthcare settings will have to find innovative ways to continue to meet high patient demand, whilst keeping patients and healthcare staff members safe and also adhering to social distancing measures. Again, areas where barcoding solutions can really assist, with higher productivity rates, accurate labelling and a reduced need for equipment interaction.

Reducing the risk of contact

Toshiba Tec has technology innovations that not only improve efficiency, but also minimise interaction with equipment helping to reduce physical contact. Advances in Toshiba ribbon construction, can provide up to a 77% longer print length than competitor products, minimising the frequency and need to replace ribbons, so healthcare professionals can focus on treating patients and do not need to touch (and therefore sterilise) the printer as often. Similar benefits are realised through long print-head lifespan and ribbon-save technologies.

Designed for all healthcare environments

Toshiba Tec, barcoding solutions are also robust, reliable and designed for harsh environments. They can run 24/7, which is essential in the always-on healthcare sector. Our portable printing solutions streamline operations, allowing for quick and accurate labelling of patient samples or prescribing of medicines at the bedside. These solutions also help to reduce patient waiting times by speeding up patient discharge and minimise unnecessary movement around a hospital.

Improving patient outcomes

Investing in barcode labelling solutions will make a significant difference to your healthcare operation, not only improving staff and patient safety, but enabling accurate monitoring of patients throughout the healthcare system, reducing physical contact, tracking equipment, samples and medicine and improving overall efficiency.

Here to help

In challenging times, even the smallest difference can make a big impact on patient care. Toshiba Tec is here to help, whatever the application or barcoding requirement. Our one-stop-shop for all consumables and support means we can always assist and provide advice to help streamline your operations.

To learn more about how we can support your healthcare organisation, get in touch now.

To discover more about Toshiba’s barcoding solutions and how your outcomes, staff and patients can benefit, get in touch with our expert team now. Or learn about the complete range of Toshiba Barcoding Solutions here.

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