Top tips for cleaning your Toshiba device

June 23, 2020

Toshiba products are designed for use in the most diverse of working environments and can withstand intensive use for many years. This includes regular cleaning and disinfecting of devices with the correct cleaning products. 

Although the normal daily use of Toshiba printers requires limited physical interaction by users,  Toshiba has developed the following reminder guidelines for cleaning the exterior its printers, multifunction devices and barcode/label printers.

Top cleaning tips

  • Turn the power off before cleaning to avoid malfunction.
  • Use a soft, clean cloth moistened with alcohol or mild detergent to wipe surfaces clean. 
  • The use of a 90% isopropyl alcohol solution is recommended to clean all surfaces.
  • Do not spray cleaning solutions directly onto the device. 
  • Focus on areas regularly touched by users, such as covers, buttons, panel.
  • If you device has a touch screen, ensure this is dried completely after cleaning.
  • For barcode printers, it is good practice to clean the device when hanging the media to help extend the life of consumable parts, like the printer head.
  • Clean your device as often as you feel necessary.

Download our Cleaning Guide for further details.

For additional information on disinfecting and cleaning processes, refer to the Advice from the UK Government.