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How Barcoding Solutions are helping Retailers in the current climate

June 18, 2020

It’s not an understatement to say that retail operations have fundamentally changed because of COVID-19 and the global shutdown. These changes will continue well into the future as we navigate our new normal. Every process is being re-evaluated, from in-store operations to e-commerce, the supply chain and the health and safety of front-line employees and customers.

This has been essential in the food industry, where retailers and manufacturers are relying heavily on barcoding solutions to manage spikes in market demand and production whilst protecting their employees.

Retail’s ‘new normal’

The retail and e-commerce industry is experiencing a rapid change in demand with an increased requirement for labels. Many are turning to technology to facilitate this, particularly barcode printers that can scale and flex according to business needs. Barcodes are suited to a wide range of uses, including product and shelf edge labelling and in-store price markdowns, providing a more seamless and safe experience for customers and employees.

It’s little surprise that there’s been unprecedented demand on e-commerce retailers (with the sector hitting a 10-year high in April - growing 23.8% year-on-year). Interestingly, multichannel retailers have benefited most from this, experiencing growth of 35%.

Moving forward

With online sales still booming and stores now starting to open again, barcoding solutions are providing ways for retailers to match demand, improve efficiency and streamline operations across in-store and online. Dual-sided printing, for example, allows for picking, delivery and returns documentation to be printed simultaneously, thereby reducing costs, speeding up the despatch process and - most importantly - reducing staff interaction with the equipment to increase their safety.

Reducing physical contact

Barcode solutions are also helping to maintain the requirements for social distancing. Innovations in ribbon length (Toshiba Tec’s ribbons are 77% longer than competitor products), print-head lifespan and ribbon-save technology, mean staff do not have to maintain equipment as often. The need for physical contact with the printer is reduced as downtime for media changes is also reduced. This results in additional knock-on benefits for improved productivity and lower costs.

Increasing efficiency and accuracy

There are other solutions that can help too, like rotary cutters that speed-up printing. Something that’s invaluable when you’re dealing with a fast-paced supply chain. Validation solutions ensure barcode accuracy and avoid costly errors. The scan function quickly and accurately identifies and eliminates invalid barcodes, before they make it onto a retailer’s shelves.

Here to support, 24/7

As always, Toshiba Tec is here to offer support throughout all economic and global disruptions. Our one-stop-shop for all consumable and support needs means we’re always here to support your barcoding installations and provide advice to help streamline your operations.

So, get in touch today to explore how we can help your business succeed now and in the future.

To discover more about Toshiba Tec’s barcoding solutions and discuss your business’ unique requirements, get in touch with our expert team now or learn about the complete range of Toshiba Tec Barcoding Solutions here.

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